Meet the Visitors – Geoffrey’s Still Here.

Geoffrey, the Outsider.

Geoffrey’s Still Here. 2012 © Colehaus Cats.

In which we interview neighborhood aloof stray Geoffrey who wants everyone to know that he’s still hanging around Colehaus most days and doesn’t plan to go anywhere far anytime soon.

How are you doing, Geoffrey? How’s life?

Geoffrey: I like it here. I like the nearby shrubs in the summer and my heated box in the winter. I don’t even mind sharing the space with the occasional opposum. The food my people put out for me is top-notch. In fact, I’ve got a whole committee who sees that I’m fed twice a day.

Remember when we experimented with bringing you inside once last winter? We were concerned about the extra cold weather. We thought you seemed open to moving in.

Geoffrey: Really? Sorry if you got that impression, but nope. Don’t wanna live inside. No offense but I don’t like the smells and I don’t like those other furballs. So, just no. No, no and for all you who are slow, N-O spells no.

So, no complaints? Anything we can do for you before the really cold weather arrives?

Geoffrey: Can’t think of anything offhand. But if anything comes up, I know where to find you. And visa-versa. Oh hey, how about a little brushing and a squirt of that flea stuff before you take off?

You got it, Geoffrey. Keep well, big boy. See you before dusk.

[Editor’s note: Brushed daily – check, checked fur and paws for good measure – check, flea treatment – check, refill food and water – check and check.]

15 responses to “Meet the Visitors – Geoffrey’s Still Here.

  1. you are an angel and Geoffrey has a face that should be painted. What a handsome mancat!
    I sooo enjoyed this post!
    ((((hugs))) to YOU and Geoffrey!

  2. Sounds like Geoffrey is getting the best of both worlds there with you. It’s so good of you to make sure he’s warm enough in the worst of the wintertime. His heated box is a great idea.

    • Maybe we care too much sometimes but that’s just the way we’ve always been and always will be. We worry about the outside cats and critters and do what we can for as many as we can. Geoffrey’s wooden box contains one of those outdoor Comfort Cat barn cat pads that only heats up when laid upon…something one of his little opposum buddies has also discovered. Double cat-sized, it keeps everyone warm and dry.

  3. Geoffrey’s a lucky cat for sure. I’m really glad that he enjoys being brushed and lets you put flea stuff on him.
    Did you ask him how he ended up on the street?
    I wonder what his story is…

    • Geoffrey mentioned something about wanting to be his own man. He said he still visits the home where he grew up, but not often. We think he’s nearly forgotten about over there (if we have the general area right). Other than that, he’s more a lover than a talker. Gonna have to do something about that as soon as finances ease up.

  4. Geoffrey has all he wants and needs through your care, but as indoor cats we wish he would give your indoor life another try.

    • We wish that too. Once a year he gives it a try and rushes in through our front door when we go out to feed him in the morning. He always takes about five or six steps, freezes, then turns and plows through the screen door. We’ll keep trying!

  5. Geoffrey has pawsome tabby mackerel markings. It sounds like he knows that he is loved even if he still prefers the outside through hopefully he sees the benefits of inside life. Purrs

    • We agree! Geoffrey’s Mackerel markings are some of the strongest we’ve seen around here in a long time. His fur is just so handsome and getting thicker as the cold weather sets in.

  6. Geoffrey is such a sweetie…so lucky to have you looking out for him.
    bless you xo

  7. Thank you. He really is a sweetheart.

  8. I can see why he likes to stay outside.. such wonderful attendants out there. he is quite handsome too.

  9. MOL, Geoffrey certainly knows how to spell NO doesn’t he! We think it’s pawesome that you’re caring for him with a heated box and everything!