Meet The New Girl Olivia.

New Colehaus Cat Olivia.

New Colehaus Cat Olivia. 2012 © Colehaus Cats.

This is little lovebug Olivia who came from Foster Mom D (who fostered Pia too!) who works with West Columbia Gorge Humane Society, a no-kill shelter that’s stuffed with all kinds of sweet, gentle souls looking for forever homes. (That was a hint! Bashful we ain’t.)

Olivia is a curious and refined little girl who loves to purr and stretch and catch feather balls and squeeze herself under dressers to retrieve new brother Quint’s lost toys. She likes snuggling into clean laundry, Mom kisses and being held during storytime.

What? You don’t have storytime at your house? Oh, what you are missing…!

New Colehaus Cat Olivia.

New Colehaus Cat Olivia. 2012 © Colehaus Cats.

Here mysterious Olivia patiently waits for the Dad to figure out ideal camera settings to capture her best features. “It ain’t easy photographing a black cat,” he assures us.

Worried New Colehaus Cat Olivia.

Those dear, sweet worried eyebrows. 2012 © Colehaus Cats.

Meanwhile, Mom has fallen in love with sweet Olivia’s worried eyebrows and kisses them every day.

Olivia: Does that man know what he’s doing with that camera? I’m worried he won’t get my best side!

Mom: That’s your Dad, sweetie. And don’t worry your little head. He’s pretty good with those kinds of things. *kiss kiss, kiss kiss*

World, here’s Olivia. Olivia, here’s the world! Go shine, little one.

14 responses to “Meet The New Girl Olivia.

  1. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful little girl!

  2. I love that sleek little beauty. Amazing photos.
    I’m so pleased she found a good home.

  3. That little girl doesn’t have a bad side. So sweet!

  4. Goodness, she is sooooo cute and Black is one of our very favorite colors. They really are hard to take pictures of. I cannot get good pictures of our BG even outside in the daylight. I would be in love with you too Olivia. You sound like a real sweety. Glad you have a good foster home. Take care.

    • Thank you stopping by to see me! Imagine my surprise to find I was the only black cat here! What was up with that? Guess who gets all the attention now, LOL!

  5. OMC! Olivia is adorable!

  6. Look at THOSE eyes!!! You had me and my human at ‘hello’…your pretty peepers melted us both!


  7. Hello Miss Olivia!
    I must say the Colehaus clan is extra-lucky to have a shiny black kitty like you in their home. Shiny black kitties are the best at … well… we’re just the best!

    Glad to meet you!