Holiday Jelly Roll.

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Olvia's Personal Jelly Roll.

Tessa is Olivia’s Personal Jelly Roll. 2012 © Colehaus Cats

Ah, the holidays are thrust upon us. The time for festivities and food. May we present one of Olivia’s favorite desserts – the Tessa Tuxedo Jelly Roll, of which we can’t help but notice, she’s hogging completely to herself.

With Seth and Maxx being old hands at the holiday festivities, we celebrated a lot of firsts yesterday with the kittens and new additions to our family this year. First turkey day, first Feline Greenies, first Christmas parade on TV, first Christmas movies, first of many Christmas decorations. What a joy to watch Pia, Tessa, Olivia and Quint discover new things. Even Miss Newton got in on it, making us think that perhaps her previous holiday seasons wherever she lived before, weren’t as filled with wonder and surprise.

Many more to come, little ones. And all good if we have anything to say about it.

31 responses to “Holiday Jelly Roll.

  1. Love the “jelly roll” photo!

  2. We are glad you had a lovely day. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. da tabbies o trout towne

    burd day iz over but weez knot sad
    we dinna eat noe burd N we iz glad
    just wanna say hope yur week endz grate
    if ya still haz pie ya can still cell a brate!!!

    haza awesum week oh end, peace out N rock on!

  4. that looks like the TASTIEST jelly roll I have EVER seen!

  5. Tessa looks like she is getting a cat massage!

  6. That’s a jelly roll I could love!

  7. It looks like Olivia is giving Tessa a great massage!

  8. That is such a fun pic! I love the firsts and they are so much fun, I still remember my first Christmas!

  9. Congrats on the paintings! I just love the jelly roll! It looks wonderful. How fun for the kittens having all their firsts. Enjoy that!

    • Thank you, Quint says. Tessa’s shape makes her the best jelly roll around, we’re convinced. We can’t get enough of watching the kittens experience so many firsts. It’s intoxicating!

  10. You kitties all look so happeez together! That jelly roll looks very tasty 😉 We’re off to check out paintings! Glad you had such a wonderful holiday & let’s have a niptini and toast to many more XOXOXO

  11. Love the photo 🙂 xxx

  12. Oh, my! I just love the original art! And how marvelous that some of the proceeds goes to a no-kill. Bravo!!

    • Thank you! The first No-Kill shelter we plan on supporting is the one Pia, Olivia and Quint came from. We hope to help support many other shelters in the future. 🙂

  13. Speaking of holiday specials, did you watch the Hallmark show, Jingle All The Way, by chance? Our mom spent almost all October working with that footage, MOL! (and she still gets a bit teary eyed when sheer watches it, she’s such a sap!)

    Ooh we’re so excited about Quint’s paintings, we’ll go check ’em out now!

  14. We love that fun photo! Hope you enjoyed Turkey Day!!

    • Thank you! We had a great Turkey Day! No one had to wear the turkey costume and Mom treated us with Feline Greenies in chicken flavor – our absolute favorite!! Hope you’re having a fun weekend! Purrs…

  15. OH! OH OH OH!!! That jelly roll is THE best one my mom said she has ever seen (except mine of course). How tasty and that roll needs to be shared.

  16. You kitties are so cute doing the jelly roll!