Friday Friends Together.

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A few weeks ago while we were at a BlogPaws twitter party (they’re fun!), someone asked if we had a picture of the Colehaus Cats together. “Sure,” we said and like proud parents, proceeded to post one group photo after another.

Here’s one of Miss Newton and Seth.

Miss Newton and Seth. 2012 © Colehaus Cats.

Here’s one of Pia, Tessa, Miss Newton and Seth.

Pia, Tess, Miss Newton & Seth.
2012 © Colehaus Cats.

Here’s one of just Seth and Tessa.

Seth and Tessa hanging out. 2012 © Colehaus Cats.

Oh, here’s a cute, sleepy pile – Quint, Pia and Olivia.

Quint, Pia & Olivia together. 2012 © Colehaus Cats.

Convince us this couple isn’t cute together – Olivia and Quint.

Olivia and Quint – 2012. 2012 © Colehaus Cats.

And here’s one of Pia, Quint and Tessa.

Pia, Quint & Tessa 2012. 2012 © Colehaus Cats.

We could have gone on for days. “Here’s one of both…”

“No, we mean ALL together,” they clarified a little too late. “You have seven cats. Show us the seven cats together.”

Uh, no can do. That’s still a challenge. Sure, we could Photoshop all of them together, including the one who is less-than-thrilled to be anything other than the one and only Colehaus Cat. But, in our opinion, there’s no fun or joy there. We’re convinced it’ll happen someday naturally. And that we’ll have a camera in our hand when it happens. But until then, you’ll just have to be satisfied with smaller groupings. Like this one. Tell us this ain’t cute. Why lookie there! Maxx is in the SAME ROOM with Tessa and Miss Newton and we’re pretty sure Maxx wasn’t growling!

Maxx, Tessa & Miss Newton. 2012 © Colehaus Cats.

30 responses to “Friday Friends Together.

  1. your kitties are so adorable that it doesn’t matter whether they are ALL “together” or not!

  2. Great pictures! Think I’ve already advised you I have a problem, #SharingPhobia, so huMum is evnvious of your staff but has been so well trained by yours truly that she accepts that only one cat will live in our house *proud ears*

  3. We agree with Caren. Love the pix. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. I agree too, the pics are all terrific!

  5. We’ll just use our imagination…

  6. One day when you’re not expecting it you could be lucky with seven – but probably the camera will be out of sight!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Really great pics!

  8. It’s hard enough getting the three of us in the same photograph, so yeah, seven must be really difficult!

  9. I do think getting a “natural” shot of all seven kittehs together would be a challenge. But it’s always something to look forward to, right? MOL. And then you least expect it, BAM– it will happen!!

  10. So cute !!!
    I’m new to your blog so I don’t the story of the sweet babies.
    The orange one looks so much like my orange and white cat did. His name was Little Andy.

    I have five cats and I never get more than three together at the same time. The five .. no way. And, the boys like each other but the girls don’t like them for some reason.

    Meowy Holidays,
    JC and The Purr and Fur Gang

  11. I’m back from reading up on your seven. Love how you rescued them all. Mine are all rescues too.

  12. Mama just got jealous. She wants more cats.

  13. Each and everyone of you are just adorable. I love the pic by the front door with paws crossed.
    Hugs madi

  14. Those are such good pictures and we sure understand about getting everyone together for a picture. No way will we all cooperate either. But it is fun to see most of you. Well done.

  15. Those are all lovely photos of you in your groups.

  16. da tabbies o trout towne

    theeze bee sum grate pick sures oh everee one !!!! and we hope everee one haza grate week oh end. eat plentee oh trout !! peace out N rock on 🙂

  17. We loves loves loves the pictures of your kitties, they each show their purrsonalities so well, if they don’t come together for a picture, we still know that are a big happy family.
    Harry and Tipp
    Oh my sweet ginger girls, you look so peaceful in your sleep. Miss Newton, you look so luxurious, and Miss Pia Bean, so cute with those curly paws. Sweet dreams girls!

  18. Your kitties are all so cute… I love looking at their pictures!

  19. I love the picture of Olivia and Quint together. So beautiful!

  20. Each and every photo is sweet!

  21. We think all the photos are cute even if you aren’t all in each one! Getting two kitties in the same photo is tough enough let alone all of you!

  22. I love your kit kats! They are soooooo adorable! Bo and Mi are never together peacefully. That is to say, they are always chasing each other around the house (and off my lap).

    Head bonks,
    The KT Mom

  23. Seven kitties! So many brofurs and sisfurs! And I don’t even have ONE to play with! You are So lucky! And what lovely pictures!

    Trixie the Black Panfur

  24. Our Lady can barely get pics of the 2 cats together, we can imagine how 7 would be hard!

  25. Oh wow!! Our teeths are melting from all the CUTE!!! Yay!!! Take care

  26. Together or individually, we think you kittehs are just PURRfect! 🙂

  27. Maxx, dood! We SEE you with other kittehs. We think mebbe you protest too much? *paws crossed*

    Ohhhh, we LOVE the cuddlepile! Count us in!

  28. Seven of you? Wow!! Love all your pics, esp the one of Olivia and Quint.

  29. Fab pics folks! What a great crew you are!