ManCat Monday – Comfort Cat Seth’s Wild Side.

Seth’s inner wild is showing. 2012 2012 © Colehaus Cats.

From his first day home from adoption at PetSmart as a 2 year old many years ago, Seth’s been a quiet, loving, comforting boy. Every once in a while however, he shows his love for the wild. Soon it became apparent; he longed to become a big game hunter.

Here Seth lounges with two of his recent “catches*” – The wild alpaca fleece and the elusive brown-stripy zebra throw.

(He assures us both catches were taken legally and as humanely as possible. No, really. He had tags and everything!)

18 responses to “ManCat Monday – Comfort Cat Seth’s Wild Side.

  1. You are incredibly handsome, Seth!

    Purrs and mews,

  2. That looks very comfy!

  3. Oh good hunting Seth. Well done. That must have been a really hard hunt to capture something that big.
    Hope you have a good nap now. Take care.

    • Yeah, well, I spent the good portion of the day tracking ’em down, getting a bead on their movements and when the time was just right, I pounced! Two takedowns in one fell swoop! And then….zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. Those are some mighty fine catches Seth!

  5. MOL, Fantastic hunting Seth!

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting on our blog today.

  6. You are the mighty hunter, Seth! 😉

    • Yeah, I’ve got my eye on something bigger for the next time. You can keep your water buffalo, your musk ox, your wooly mammoth. I’m thinking of bagging the Dad next time he’s glued to the TV and not looking at me!

  7. Seth certainly is a most handsome mancat!!

  8. DUDE! You got cool things for prey at your house! A brown-stripy zebra?? All I got is quilt–no zebra anywhere–Hey, I’m glad you get still get the call of the wild!


  9. Mighty hunter Seth, you are looking mighty comfy, pal!