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01/02/2017 – Our Year in Review – Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

Tessa's not sure where the year went - ©

Tessa’s not sure where the year went – ©

Where’d 2016 go? It was just here a day ago… Happy 2017! From everyone here at Colehaus Cats, we thank you for visiting us, for reading our words, enjoying our photos, and leaving comments. We hope what we’re doing works for you and that your visit here puts a smile on your face. Please join us today for our 2016 Year in Review!

MadCat Miss Newton – ©

January 2016 began with the first habitation of two Feralvilla feral shelters and a feeding station just in time for a rare snow day, with evidence of all our overnight visitors. The month evolved (devolved?) into picky cats and mad cats. There were claims of ownership, morning snuggles, and a certain Patrol Sergeant showing off her kitten cam video habit.

Love Itty (now Sunny) - ©

Love Itty (now Sunny) – ©

February rolled in with an infestation of counter seals from which Mom ran from the house to go meet an adorable blog friend in town for an important show. Quint, tired from all the winter rain, created late winter art, Pia sent Valentine kisses to her boyfriend Dexter, someone didn’t like being called the baby (and still doesn’t), and someone else nicknamed Ms. GrowlyPants temporarily moved in for some fostering.

Beautiful Frame from our friend Joan - ©

Beautiful Frame from our friend Joan – ©

Sweet Viola kisses ushered in March to help temper all the vet checkups and nasty ear infection medication foster Miss Itty required daily. Our friend Joan sent us a beautiful frame which quickly became the focal point of our living room and houses the first piece of Quint’s art we purchased and framed for ourselves. Spring finally arrived and with it, the first visit of the year with the visitors around Colehaus. We learned a number of things about Miss Itty, including her love of catnip, and making a friend in Zuzu with a shared dislike of all loud shenanigans. Must be a ginger girl thing.

Quint adds purple - ©

Quint adds purple – ©

April started with grumpy cats as is the norm around here on April Fool’s Day. A couple of Friday Flashbacks returned smiles to our faces. We posted about a mama’s right, excuses on a Monday, and finally, Quint took his first spring walk in his garden, after which, he created his top-selling art series ever, Full Spring.

Ruby and friend Squeakers - ©

Ruby and friend Squeakers – ©

Quint relished a second stroll in his blooming garden in May and we gave a nod to Squeakers, the highest ranking toy amongst all toys at Colehaus. We got silly with foster Miss Itty and Olivia found herself the highlight of two blog posts in a single week! There were MultiCat Mondays, furniture clearly made for one particular cat, and more visitors to Colehaus.

Zuzu - ©

Zuzu – ©

June brought dental checkups and some extractions so we dedicated the rest of the month to pure fun. There were toys, Three Word Wednesdays, more toys, and trust from foster Miss Itty.

Baby Tessa – ©

July started with the bang of fireworks. We made a big, multi annex fort and spent the 4th of July playing with toys, listening to Mom read kitty books, hiding, and napping until the big booms were over. Foster Miss Itty showed everyone senior girls still know how to play, the typical teen Viola spent the month being bored, and we got a peek of what was to become our daily dinnertime entertainment. There was a Friday Flashback with Tessa, questions from Pia, and cat math according to Olivia.

From Pia with love - ©

From Pia with love – ©

Quint jumped into August by recreating his Summer Lilies with paint, we raised questions about the future for foster Miss Itty, and there were more yearly vet checkups to get through. Ginger Princess Pia sent her love to Ginger Prince D, and we took a summer stroll to see the visitors around Colehaus.

Olivia's magic bed - ©

Olivia’s magic bed – ©

Ducks and good news heralded in September with a pinch of mischief on the side. Foster Miss Itty because Sunny, our last Colehaus Cat, and with the help of kind donators and fans of Quint’s Sunflowers art, she was able to afford her final medical procedures plus elimination of two pesky infections and support for her ongoing Stage 3 kidney disease. THANK YOU! We took another walk around Colehaus, Mom confused us with her cat fiction, and fruit-lovin’ Olivia was instrumental in the great grape escape.

Mama Zuzu and her Niblets - ©

Mama Zuzu and her Niblets – ©

October saw a Monday tribute to Colehaus Cat mamas, a dear happy three-year birthday letter to the Niblets (with links to all past Dear Niblet letters) – one of which grew up to become the Colehaus Circus Cat, and Quint jumps at the chance to paint once again. We showed piles of kitties snuggling together and gave an update on Sunny.

Fits just right for The Squirt - 2016 ©

Fits just right for The Squirt – ©

We jumped into November with what else? A Wordless Wednesday. But later and with what we hoped was better content, we shared MultiCat photos, a rare lint panther, a Friday Flashback with Pia and Bunny, some hellos and goodbyes on our final around Colehaus tour, Quint’s winter painting, and finally, some Friday fun.

Quint eats the props - ©

Quint eats the props – ©

And lastly, December rushed in with a month of holiday cheer and happy surprises, a nod to previous Colehaus Cats, a couple of snugglebugs and Christmas card bloopers, a word or two about the Nice List and the Naughty List, and our favorite true Christmas story. Given a health A-OK, Sunny moved into the luxury suite with Ruby and there came more cards and gifts and toys than anyone here had ever seen.

There you have it, 2016 revisited. What a wonderful, fun year it was here at Colehaus. We’re looking forward to what this new year will bring and wish for you all a fabulous 2017 filled with joy, happiness, and excitement, and most of all, peace and love.

Thank you for visiting. Thank you for reading us.
The folks of Colehaus Cats

12/05/2016 – Monday Snugglers

An UPDATE on Sunny’s dental work last Friday: Thank you for all your purrs and good thoughts! Sunny came through her first ever dental cleaning with flying colors! No extractions, no cracked teeth, no bleeding gums or sores. No toofies for the Tooth Fairy’s collection, we not sorry to say.

Sunny’s been on pain meds over the weekend and if we think she needs more, she can have them. Our favorite vet also drained and removed that big fluid cyst on her back and found an underlying mass which they also removed. We’ll know more about the mass sometime next week when the test comes back. As for now, she is comfortable but with a shaved back and a two-inch row of stitches that she’ll have removed next week. No photos of her stitches. It is not pretty to see and a girl needs her space when she doesn’t look her absolute best.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Another Monday. Another great opportunity for snuggling with Tessa and Quint. A yawn or two and it’s time for a nap.

Snugglers Tessa and Quint - 2016 ©

Snugglers Tessa and Quint – 2016 ©

Quint settles in, snuggling against Tessa’s extra soft and warm belly furs. You just knew her belly was like that, right? It is!

Entering snuggly sleep mode - 2016 ©

Entering snuggly sleep mode – 2016 ©

And to seal the deal on a long, uninterrupted afternoon nap…

Almost time for zzzzzzzz - 2016 ©

Almost time for zzzzzzzz – 2016 ©

… they hold paws. Mom says not to gaze upon this too long because the cute is extra powerful with these two.

Holding paws - 2016 ©

Holding paws – 2016 ©

12/02/2016 – Friday with Sunny

QUICK UPDATE ON SUNNY’S DENTAL CLEANING: Thank you for all your purrs and good thoughts! Sunny came through her first ever dental cleaning with flying colors! No extractions, no cracked teeth, no bleeding gums or sores. She’s home and on pain meds for the next couple of days. They also drained and removed a fluid cyst and underlying mass on her back, so she’s shaved there and has a row of stitches. We’ll know more about the mass sometime next week.

More proof of how well Sunny has fit into our family. She has two personal fountains to drink from and access to two big water bowls elsewhere in the house and yet, she likes the kitchen faucet the best.

Not Sunny's personal fountain - 2016 ©

Not Sunny’s personal fountain – 2016 ©

Sunny has her own personal fountain elsewhere - 2016 ©

Sunny has her own personal fountain elsewhere – 2016 ©

Sunny has two personal fountains, in fact. This isn't one of them. - 2016 ©

Sunny has two personal fountains, in fact. This isn’t one of them. – 2016 ©

We’ll add the fact the kitchen faucet DOES NOT have a drip that might attract cats to it (clearly, someone who shall remain nameless turned a trickle on here), AND we recently added yet a third water bowl behind the faucet on the counter in a specific attempt to keep cats away from the faucet.

The progress so far?

Cats drinking from water bowl instead of faucet – 1.
Cats still attempting to drink from the faucet – 8.
Number of times per day Mom yells at cats on the counter – Countless.
Number of cats who think Mom is being irrational about not being on the counter – C’mon, really? You needed to know this??

Sunny - 2016 ©

Sunny – 2016 ©

Purrs would be greatly appreciated today for Sunny as she undergoes her first ever dental cleaning (remember, she was twelve years old when we adopted her in September). Her original dental appointment was cancelled in October due to her two UTIs, but those have since cleared up and remain at bay.

We expect there might be some extractions but Sunny’s surprised us before with her strength and ability to survive tough times. If her dental work doesn’t take too long, our favorite vet might have time to address the growing fluid-filled cyst on Sunny’s back as well. Otherwise, that will have to wait for another time.

Either way, we’re happy to finally be able to get her teeth looked at. Thank you for your help with Sunny’s vet fund that helped make this possible!

Have a good weekend!

Sunny, happy and comfortable - 2016 ©

Sunny, happy and comfortable – 2016 ©