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03/24/2017 – Friday Flubs

Today is Flub Day. Not officially, though our Mom thinks there ought to be a Flub Day. No, today our Mom was going to post an Around Colehaus post but… it’s still raining here. No flowers are blooming, no buds are um, budding, the squirrels are wearing lifejackets, and the visiting raccoons come sporting snorkels.

Sunny napping to the soothing sound of more rain - ©

Sunny napping to the soothing sound of more rain – ©

Then she had the bright idea of posting an update on Sunny, you know, since it’s been a while. And Sunny said, “No, I’m good,” and promptly went back to napping to the soothing sound of rain.

Grumpy Quint - ©

Grumpy Quint – ©

Mom thought about posting about Quint and his painting but again, all our rain hasn’t exactly made Quint want to paint. In fact, he’s been a bit grumpy about the lack of spring window whiffs and is convinced no one wants to see what he sees outside – streaks and smears of cold, grey rain. Can you blame him?

Miss Newton - ©

Miss Newton – ©

“How about some pretty photos, Miss Newton? Your green eyes look so pretty in this light,” Mom asked since Miss Newton was sitting nearby but Miss Newton sighed and thought out loud, “My eyes reflect the growing population of all the moss and algae living outside. Will it ever stop raining?” Soon, our Mom reassures us. The rain will stop sometime, someday, soon.

Leaps Mac Troublesome takes a leap - ©

Leaps Mac Troublesome takes a leap – ©

We thought maybe Mom would give un update on Tessa MacTroublesome and as soon as Mom pointed her camera, Tessa took a flying leap to go elsewhere. We can’t blame her. She did get into trouble again, just once, when she ripped up the tablecloth draped over the booof-fay where even The Squirt knows we aren’t allowed.

I'll stay off the booof-fay if you stop calling me Squirt - ©

I’ll stay off the booof-fay if you stop calling me Squirt – ©

The Squirt sulks - ©

The Squirt sulks – ©

And then, the Squirt hid behind a curtain and sulked and our Mom called that every bit as cute as the nickname Squirt.

So, you see, today didn’t go anywhere near the way we thought it would, or should. It’s a Flub Day. We hope your Friday isn’t a Flub Day, but if it is, please join us in requesting a Do Over Day ’cause we need one!

03/20/2017 – MultiCat Monday

Sunny and Tessa (in box) - ©

Sunny and Tessa (in box) – ©

Heard you were in the dog house? That anything like being in the oatmeal box?

Quint and Tessa - ©

Quint and Tessa – ©

Danger cat Tessa is out and about in the rest of the house again (after being grounded for six weeks for an attitude adjustment). She’s getting along with everyone once again just fine, like before she turned into a difficult, sullen teenager. Or maybe it was a midlife crisis. She is five years old now. Only Olivia seems to have held a grunge against all those chases and fights Tessa put her through and now, Mom is breaking up growl-fests between those two.

And Tessa wants to sleep back in the master bedroom each night where she was grounded to and seemingly wanted nothing but to be LET OUT!

And here we thought the ginger girls were the divas of Colehaus…

Tessa and Pia - ©

Tessa and Pia – ©

03/17/2017 – Tessa MacTroublesomes

Tessa a.k.a. Sweets MacTuxieton - ©

Tessa a.k.a. Sweets MacTuxieton – ©

This kitty, this cat, this most-of-the-time sweetheart, Tessa.

Tessa a.k.a. Danger MacDangerson ©

Tessa a.k.a. Danger MacDangerson ©

This adventurous member of our family who sometimes gets things in her head and pushes the corners of her envelope.

Tessa a.k.a Grumps MacTroublesome - ©

Tessa a.k.a Grumps MacTroublesome – ©

This cat woke up on the wrong side one day back in February and soon, found herself in all kinds of trouble. It started with a grumpy day. Over what, we have no idea. But we’re working on a theory based on past behavior.

Tessa a.k.a. Scrappy MacTroublesome - ©

Tessa a.k.a. Scrappy MacTroublesome – ©

The case of the grumps turned into picking fights with Quint and Miss Newton (who even as a very petite girl, can definitely hold her own in a fight). Tessa’s grumpiness continued as she lost every fight she initiated.

Tessa a.k.a. Fights MacTroublesome - ©

Tessa a.k.a. Fights MacTroublesome – ©

By the end of the weekend, she had more scratches on her nose than ever. And she was still grumpy. And then, on Valentine’s Day, she sauntered into the kitchen, looked up at Mom, and peed.

This was the exact behavior she exhibited back in 2014, and similarly, she was very healthy with no UTI or anything else going on, but suffering a case of Tuxie Attitude. Instead of hoping this was a one-time thing and suffering the consequences of finding secret pee spots around the house weeks later, Mom took the same eventual approach as she did in 2014. Tessa was grounded to the master bedroom for a month, 24/7, where she instantly turned back into a perfect angel. No grumpiness, no fighting, and no inappropriate peeing.

Hmmm, do you suppose she just wanted/needed a vacation?

Tessa a.k.a Sweets MacSweetyton (after adjustment) - ©

Tessa a.k.a Sweets MacSweetyton (after adjustment) – ©

Tessa gets out on parole this weekend. Let’s hope a month filled with servant calls, special attention, and treats on silver trays taught her a valuable lesson!