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05/08/2017 – MultiCat Monday

Here at Colehaus, we have what we call a glue cat – a cat who brings together other cats who normally wouldn’t be caught dead in a single room together, helping all the cats to get along with one another as famously as peas and carrots. Past Colehaus glue cats were angels Seth, Zooot, and D.K. Our current glue cat is Miss Newton.

From the start, Miss Newton tucked each newbie under her wing – Tessa, Quint, Olivia, and especially Pia Bean who still loves Miss Newton above all others (with exception only to her ginger Prince Dexter of Cherry City Kitties). Ruby, Zuzu, and Viola all share nose boops with Miss Newton too, so, should it be any different with Sunny? Nope! The pair regularly nap the afternoons away together, something Sunny doesn’t do with anyone else.

Sunny and Miss Newton - ©

Sunny and Miss Newton – ©

Miss Newton and a wee baby Pia Bean. Look at the size comparison between the two. Miss Newton has always been a petite girl, weighing in right around eight pounds. We’re pretty sure Pia weighed just over four pounds here, a good portion being fluff weight.

Miss Newton plays mama to baby Pia - ©

Miss Newton plays mama to baby Pia – ©

Yesterday’s photo of Miss Newton and a not-so-small Pia Bean. Look at the size comparison now! Pia is a big, solid girl weighing in at fifteen pounds. But to Miss Newton, Pia will always be a little bean.

Pia and Miss Newton - ©

Pia and Miss Newton – ©

And what’s a Danger Cat without a little glue? Something not as cute, we say! Not just anyone can share a box with Tessa, and Miss Newton pulls it off easily. Okay, with maybe a little ear annoyance from Tessa. Relax Danger Cat.

Miss Newton and Tessa - ©

Miss Newton and Tessa – ©

05/05/2017 – Friday Fun

Just about a month ago, we mentioned Zuzu and her love for the Ring o’ Fun. Well, even patrol sergeants have to go to work every now and then, so while Patrol Sergeant Zuzu was off probably inspecting the inside of her eyelids, Sunny discovered the Ring o’ Fun a.k.a. Turbo Ring.

Sunny and the Turbo Ring -  ©

Sunny and the Turbo Ring – ©

She got the hang of it fast and spent several minutes whacking that ball around and around, faster and faster.

Getting the hang of it - ©

Getting the hang of it – ©

First with one paw going one direction, and then the other paw whapping the ball the other direction.

Whapping that ball - ©

Whapping that ball – ©

Until finally, the ball came to a slow stop.

Watching it go around - ©

Watching it go around – ©

And then she sat there and stared at it some more, you know, just in case it decided to take off on its own or something. Or maybe she was figuring out, in her head, some velocity equation that would explain why the ball seemed to slow down faster when going one direction opposed to the other.

And watching it not go around - ©

And watching it not go around – ©

And after a long while, she finally walked away and took that much needed nap. Hard math will do that to you, or so we hear.

A well deserved nap - ©

A well deserved nap – ©

04/24/2017 – MultiCat Monday

Tessa with Sunny and Miss Newton - ©

Tessa with Sunny and Miss Newton – ©

Now that Spring is here, the sunlight coming into the master bedroom turns everything and everyone very bright.

Tessa, Sunny, and Miss Newton - ©

Tessa, Sunny, and Miss Newton – ©

All except Tessa, who prefers half bright, half not-so-bright.

Tessa - ©

Tessa – ©

That’s because, like my fur colors, I prefer being half a good girl and half a ba-a-a-a-d girl. MOL!

Tessa's idea of decorating - ©

Tessa’s idea of decorating – ©

Tessa is still ripping up the tablecloths we drape over the antique buffet that we’ve had in the exact same spot for fourteen years. Nothing we put up there to anchor the tablecloth is safe – lamps, silver trays, bulky candleholders, books. If the buffet wasn’t bought specifically to fill an extra long wall space, and we had room elsewhere, we’d think maybe she thought the room needed a change. Not going to happen. And every time she tears up the tablecloth, she gets a time-out in the big bedroom. We know Mom’s not going to crack first on this subject!

Hey! Just for fun, here’s an online jigsaw puzzle of Tessa’s decorating, courtesy of because who doesn’t want to put together a puzzle of a mess?