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05/26/2017 – Patrol Sergeant to Love Bug

Zuzu, ex-Patrol Sergeant - ©

Zuzu, ex-Patrol Sergeant – ©

Most of last year, we were going on and on about Zuzu and her Patrol Sergeant ways, how she ran toward all scuffles with rule book in hand, ready to hand out tickets for inappropriate and non-sanctioned shenanigans and tomfoolery.

Well, that’s changed. Meet the newly reinvented ginger girl, Love Bug Zuzu.

Love Bug Zuzu -

Love Bug Zuzu –

Love Bug Zuzu no longer cares about upholding the highest standard in household control and behavior. Love Bug Zuzu just wants to be snuggly and cuddly from bedtime to sunrise and all points between. Love Bug Zuzu can’t be bothered with cats who spend their time stalking others, ambushing each passing family member, or those who wrassle for callisthenic and/or entertainment purposes. Love Bug Zuzu has serious matters on her mind, that being how to best get all the love and praise for being the sweetest Colehaus Cats girl ever. She might just have something going here.

Love Bug Zuzu in the morning - ©

Love Bug Zuzu in the morning – ©

Love Bug Zuzu wants you to know she is ready and willing to keep you company day and night with endless purrs and squinty eyes of love, especially early in the morning. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to this sweet face? Good morning, sunshine!

Does this mean our house is currently being run by hooligan cats bouncing off walls and tearing the place apart? Think it’s nothing but long, endless days of cat parties? Think again. A new sergeant’s in town and this one Will Not Put Up With Any Unruly Behavior. Period. You’re going to wish Zuzu was back in charge after a week of this one’s anti-mischief policy.

Patrol Sergeant Sunny - ©

Patrol Sergeant Sunny – ©

Patrol Sergeant Sunny reporting for duty! Lemme at ’em!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We are taking Monday, May 29th off for the U.S. holiday weekend and we’ll see you back on Wednesday, May 31st. Have a good weekend!

05/08/2017 – MultiCat Monday

Here at Colehaus, we have what we call a glue cat – a cat who brings together other cats who normally wouldn’t be caught dead in a single room together, helping all the cats to get along with one another as famously as peas and carrots. Past Colehaus glue cats were angels Seth, Zooot, and D.K. Our current glue cat is Miss Newton.

From the start, Miss Newton tucked each newbie under her wing – Tessa, Quint, Olivia, and especially Pia Bean who still loves Miss Newton above all others (with exception only to her ginger Prince Dexter of Cherry City Kitties). Ruby, Zuzu, and Viola all share nose boops with Miss Newton too, so, should it be any different with Sunny? Nope! The pair regularly nap the afternoons away together, something Sunny doesn’t do with anyone else.

Sunny and Miss Newton - ©

Sunny and Miss Newton – ©

Miss Newton and a wee baby Pia Bean. Look at the size comparison between the two. Miss Newton has always been a petite girl, weighing in right around eight pounds. We’re pretty sure Pia weighed just over four pounds here, a good portion being fluff weight.

Miss Newton plays mama to baby Pia - ©

Miss Newton plays mama to baby Pia – ©

Yesterday’s photo of Miss Newton and a not-so-small Pia Bean. Look at the size comparison now! Pia is a big, solid girl weighing in at fifteen pounds. But to Miss Newton, Pia will always be a little bean.

Pia and Miss Newton - ©

Pia and Miss Newton – ©

And what’s a Danger Cat without a little glue? Something not as cute, we say! Not just anyone can share a box with Tessa, and Miss Newton pulls it off easily. Okay, with maybe a little ear annoyance from Tessa. Relax Danger Cat.

Miss Newton and Tessa - ©

Miss Newton and Tessa – ©

05/01/2017 – Multi Ginger Monday

Welcome to the month of May! If you live in a city very close to our town, welcome to Riot in Downtown Day. Grrr….

Moving along, someone elsewhere was telling someone else how rare ginger girls are, going on and on how only so many are born and how even more rare it was to find one to adopt. Mom’s not one to let such incorrect information pass by without saying something. She sees ginger girls all the time in shelters who need forever homes, and her respect level automatically goes up many more notches for those who adopt, permanently adopt that is, a ginger girl. They can be stubborn, difficult, very opinionated, and from time-to-time, downright cranky.

They can also be extremely loving and exceptionally loyal.

Mom posted a photo collage of our four ginger girls to that someone elsewhere and opened a can of worms at the same time. Our Mom…. can’t let things be, can’t keep her lips zipped.

Our ginger girls - ©

Our ginger girls – ©