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10/16/2017 – The Boss of You

Patrol Sergeant Sunny - ©

Patrol Sergeant Sunny – ©

I’m not usually a late morning sleeper, but today is a bit different. Today is National Bosses Day and well, today I’m going to do whatever I please…

Dilly-dallying - ©

Dilly-dallying – ©

… and, if you please, you best have your documents and papers in order. Go ahead. Take advantage of my dilly-dallying in bed. I’ll be up in a minute to check on your progress.

Counting cobwebs - ©

Counting cobwebs – ©

They told me a Patrol Sergeant’s work is never done. Geesh! They weren’t kidding. It would seem that lady hasn’t dusted the ceiling in this room in forever! I feel a citation coming along…

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10/11/2017 – Wordless Wednesday

Sunflower and Sunny - ©

Sunflower and Sunny – ©

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Here’s a 70-piece online jigsaw puzzle of Sunny’s photo above, courtesy of Have fun!

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10/06/2017 – Formerly Feral – Pretty Boy Mac

Around the time we were worrying about Sweet Teese and whether we could get her into the no-kill shelter system for adoption before our fall rains and winter cold set in, the gray feral we had seen around every couple of days started making himself a more permanent fixture around Colehaus.

Mac in the Garden, September 2017 - ©

Mac in the Garden, September 2017 – ©

Can you blame him? He knows where the good food is!

Pretty Boy Mac (PBM), September 2017 - ©

Pretty Boy Mac (PBM), September 2017 – ©

After Teese went to the shelter, while we were feeling great about that, we also felt our backyard was empty without seeing her friendly black and white face every day. But we got used to it and felt a whole lot better after Teese found her forever home.

And then, this boy started hanging out in more noticeable places. Maybe he heard we were good at finding forever homes or something?

Mac "hiding" in the sun and shadows - ©

Mac “hiding” in the sun and shadows – ©

We started working with him, this boy we named Mac after a Macintosh apple for his big-cheeked, apple-round face, to see if this “feral” could be friends, and though it took a few weeks, we discovered this “feral” isn’t a feral at all. He’s not even semi-feral, just a big boy who’s out on his own without a real home. We suspect he was left behind when his family moved. We did have a LOT of people move away over the past several months and more than one pet was left behind, we’ve heard.

Now, when we go out the back door, way down at the end of the walkway, Mac usually pokes his head out from the bushes to see if anyone is calling to him and offering up some scritches.

Mac waiting to see if we have any extra scritches to spare - ©

Mac waiting to see if we have any extra scritches to spare – ©

The other day, Mom celebrated a couple of victories – Mac likes brushies and she touched his belly. She also scritched his ears (those are dirty as you would expect from an outside boy), and held his paws which are rough, and thankfully, he still has his claws of which he is very polite at not using.

And he seems to like the camera.

Pretty Boy Mac (PBM), October 2017 - ©

Pretty Boy Mac (PBM), October 2017 – ©

After Zuzu’s passing, her vet bill pretty much drained our funds for getting him vetted completely anytime soon. We absolutely are not able to adopt any more kitties and we very much hope to find him a forever home someday, knowing he gets along with other cats, likes brushies and we suspect would be a lap cat (time will tell). In the meantime, he has a relatively safe backyard to live in, daytime kibble, and a warm, straw-filled feral shelter to sleep in should he choose.

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Sunny - ©

Sunny – ©

We’re taking next Monday off. In the U.S., it’s Columbus Day. In Canada, it’s Thanksgiving Day. Here at Colehaus, it’s take a deep breath day. It’s been a rough few weeks and we need that deep breath. See you Wednesday.

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