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04/24/2017 – MultiCat Monday

Tessa with Sunny and Miss Newton - ©

Tessa with Sunny and Miss Newton – ©

Now that Spring is here, the sunlight coming into the master bedroom turns everything and everyone very bright.

Tessa, Sunny, and Miss Newton - ©

Tessa, Sunny, and Miss Newton – ©

All except Tessa, who prefers half bright, half not-so-bright.

Tessa - ©

Tessa – ©

That’s because, like my fur colors, I prefer being half a good girl and half a ba-a-a-a-d girl. MOL!

Tessa's idea of decorating - ©

Tessa’s idea of decorating – ©

Tessa is still ripping up the tablecloths we drape over the antique buffet that we’ve had in the exact same spot for fourteen years. Nothing we put up there to anchor the tablecloth is safe – lamps, silver trays, bulky candleholders, books. If the buffet wasn’t bought specifically to fill an extra long wall space, and we had room elsewhere, we’d think maybe she thought the room needed a change. Not going to happen. And every time she tears up the tablecloth, she gets a time-out in the big bedroom. We know Mom’s not going to crack first on this subject!

Hey! Just for fun, here’s an online jigsaw puzzle of Tessa’s decorating, courtesy of because who doesn’t want to put together a puzzle of a mess?

04/19/2017 – One Word Wednesday

Sunny - ©

Sunny – ©


04/10/2017 – Sunny Monday

Good Monday! Sunny has been doing amazingly well over the past several months. No ear trouble, no UTIs, no problems getting her to stick to her mostly wet diet. She’s comfortable with every cat here, and just as important, every cat is comfortable with her.

Sunny's Close Up - ©

Sunny’s Close Up – ©

She’s playful and full of energy. She chases Miss Newton now and then and Miss Newton likes it. Sometimes, she chases imaginary mice, particularly those imaginary mice that run across the bed before bedtime.

Sunny's Extreme Close Up - ©

Sunny’s Extreme Close Up – ©

She spends a remarkable amount of time looking… dare we say, happy! Remember, she was Ms. GrumpyPants for quite a long time, but understandably so.

Sunny likes the camera - ©

Sunny likes the camera – ©

She doesn’t mind having photos taken of her, the camera seems to like her. And she’s comfortable looking at the camera… or looking away from the camera. She’s a bit of a ham, actually.

Or looking away from the camera - ©

Or looking away from the camera – ©

And she gets downright silly from time to time. Especially when a Yeowww toy or her white puff ball is around. Or maybe she’s being extra affectionate. That could look silly… to those who lived with her GrumpyPants-ness.

Comfortable with being silly - ©

Comfortable with being silly – ©

Dad reports his lap is never empty, ever, when he comes home from work. And he loves it.

Sunny loves her Dad - ©

Sunny loves her Dad – ©

Sunny has been one of our best foster fails ever! Just don’t tell Ruby or Zuzu or Viola we said that. Shhhh….