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01/29/2018 – Around Colehaus

Here at Colehaus, absolutely nothing is happening. It’s January, the month in which we get a LOT of rain and gray days and nothing much happens outside. Which is why Mom isn’t out weeding the garden already, despite neighbor cat J who clearly wonders why not, especially since the neighbor “accidentally” dropped a bag of grass seed in our bark mulch and it’s all sprouting. Grrr…

Neighbor cat J - ©

Neighbor cat J – ©

We had the barest smattering of snow early on…

... 34, 35, 36... Counting flakes - ©

… 34, 35, 36… Counting flakes – ©

… and then, nothing. We were kind of looking forward to a bunch of snow days like last year, especially since the weather people said this winter would be just like last winter. Nope.

Some bulbs are starting to come up. We didn’t have bulb sprouts until late April last year because of record rainfall and then, one extra hot day burned almost everything before anything even had a chance to bloom.

Yay, bulbs - ©

Yay, bulbs – ©

The holly bush is berry-ing like gangbusters. This is a first.

Extra berries on the holly this year - ©

Extra berries on the holly this year – ©

And the last visiting raccoon is excited about that, can’t you tell? Actually, he was pouting because we’re not feeding him any more. Can you blame us? Just look at him! He’s so… so… ample it looks like he doesn’t have legs!

Last raccoon pouting - ©

Last raccoon pouting – ©

Over the past few weeks, we weaned the raccoons off the outside cat food so they can go learn to be raccoons in the wild. They were becoming a bit too comfortable around us and we know they wouldn’t make reliable house maids or grounds keepers, not to mention having difficulty getting work permits. They made good use of all that summer and fall food and are all very, very chubby. They’ll be fine doing all the things raccoons do down in the greenspace behind our development – hunting up grub, climbing the oaks and maples, sprucing up their houses for spring visitors.

Speaking of sprucing up, Mom finished lightening up the Cat Den with cream and ash blue paint. Probably looks like light purple or gray on your screen, but really, it’s soft blue.

New cat den colors - ©

New cat den colors – ©

Sunny wasted no time inspecting that paint ladder before Mom had a chance to use it.

Ladder inspector Sunny - ©

Ladder inspector Sunny – ©

Ladder inspector Sunny on the job - ©

Ladder inspector Sunny on the job – ©

And she didn’t stop with just the ladder inspection. She wanted to know why Mom wasn’t painting out in the hall, too. Demanding girl, Sunny is.

Painting inspector Sunny - ©

Painting inspector Sunny – ©

And that’s all from here. Everyone’s doing well, inside and out, and Mom’s looking forward to her first year of not having to do any major garden work, meaning she won’t be felling any trees this year or digging out tree stumps and yards of dirt to dispose of. Whatever will she do with herself all summer?

Uh, Mom? Remember me? And my painting? It’s been a while…

Patient Quint - ©

Patient Quint – ©

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01/22/2018 – Miscellaneous Monday

Every once in a while, Mom ends up with a bunch of photos that don’t really belong in any group. Or maybe they do belong, together, in a Miscellaneous group. And… that’s the story we’re sticking with for today. Enjoy our Miscellaneous Monday!

Tessa on Glass or, What's up? Tessa Butt - ©

Tessa on Glass or, What’s up? Tessa Butt – ©

Tip o' Quint - ©

Tip o’ Quint – ©

Back of Olivia - ©

Back of Olivia – ©

Ruby's cheek stripe - ©

Ruby’s cheek stripe – ©

Viola's yawn - ©

Viola’s yawn – ©

Snowprints - ©

Snowprints – ©

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01/19/2018 – Friday Bleeps

What the *bleep* is going on in here? - ©

What the *bleep* is going on in here? – ©

Quint: What the *bleep’s* going on in here??

Oh, really now, Quint, watch your mouth! We’re finishing up painting your room…

Sunny: MY room…

We’ll hope more of you will use THIS room now that it’ll be lighter and brighter after painting over those brown walls with cream and ash blue.

Quint: Lighter and brighter? Mom, remember me? The boy who loves dark, undercover blanket forts?

Quint loves blanket forts - ©

Quint loves blanket forts – ©

Pia's not liking it - ©

Pia’s not liking it – ©

Pia: Don’t worry, Mom. I don’t like it, either.

Of course you don’t, puff girl.

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