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03/20/2017 – MultiCat Monday

Sunny and Tessa (in box) - ©

Sunny and Tessa (in box) – ©

Heard you were in the dog house? That anything like being in the oatmeal box?

Quint and Tessa - ©

Quint and Tessa – ©

Danger cat Tessa is out and about in the rest of the house again (after being grounded for six weeks for an attitude adjustment). She’s getting along with everyone once again just fine, like before she turned into a difficult, sullen teenager. Or maybe it was a midlife crisis. She is five years old now. Only Olivia seems to have held a grunge against all those chases and fights Tessa put her through and now, Mom is breaking up growl-fests between those two.

And Tessa wants to sleep back in the master bedroom each night where she was grounded to and seemingly wanted nothing but to be LET OUT!

And here we thought the ginger girls were the divas of Colehaus…

Tessa and Pia - ©

Tessa and Pia – ©

03/13/2017 – Is It Spring Yet?

Looking for Spring - ©

Looking for Spring – ©

Lots of friends are asking when I’m going to paint again and all I can ask back is when is it going to stop raining outside? Some guy on TV said we had the rainiest February on record and that’s now oozing into March, too. Twenty-four straight days of rain this round and three times more rain than usual for this winter? That’s just whack!

Quint adds purple - ©

Quint adds purple – ©

If you recall last year at this time, I was already dabbing and tapping away painting spring flowers. Or maybe that was in April, maybe even May. I’m sure I was THINKING about painting either way, just like I am now.

(Mom edit: Quint’s first walk in the garden was April 25, 2016 and his second walk followed by painting was April 29, 2017.)

Quint's not worried - ©

Quint’s not worried – ©

Mom says not to worry, that spring is coming a week from today. Do I think a week from today will be the perfect first spring day? Do you think I might get to go out for my first walk in my garden? Do I think all the flowers outside will be happy to see me? I’m sure going to be happy to see them!

Dad says it will still probably be too chilly for me to go outside and Mom assures me none of the flowers are ready to open yet. She says we have to wait just a wee bit longer.

Chilling before Spring - ©

Chilling before Spring – ©

So, I guess I’ll just lounge here and chill a bit more. Don’t worry. These big painting paws will be dabbing color again soon!

03/01/2017 – Wordless Wednesday

Quint, Tessa, & Olivia - ©

Quint, Tessa, & Olivia – ©