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03/20/2017 – MultiCat Monday

Sunny and Tessa (in box) - ©

Sunny and Tessa (in box) – ©

Heard you were in the dog house? That anything like being in the oatmeal box?

Quint and Tessa - ©

Quint and Tessa – ©

Danger cat Tessa is out and about in the rest of the house again (after being grounded for six weeks for an attitude adjustment). She’s getting along with everyone once again just fine, like before she turned into a difficult, sullen teenager. Or maybe it was a midlife crisis. She is five years old now. Only Olivia seems to have held a grunge against all those chases and fights Tessa put her through and now, Mom is breaking up growl-fests between those two.

And Tessa wants to sleep back in the master bedroom each night where she was grounded to and seemingly wanted nothing but to be LET OUT!

And here we thought the ginger girls were the divas of Colehaus…

Tessa and Pia - ©

Tessa and Pia – ©

03/10/2017 – Friday “Fun”

Pia floof and dirty ears - ©

Pia floof and dirty ears – ©

Did you know that ginger cats and in particular, ginger girls tend to have ear issues, and some of those issues are the result of dirty ears? Nope, we didn’t know it either. And then we brought Sunny into the fold and if you recall, she was taking multiple medications and treatments for her severe ear infections before we helped tame that beast.

Turns out Pia, Ms. FloofCheeks, has somehow gained all kinds of waxy ear gunk of late and so, guess who has to have her ears cleaned every couple of weeks now?

Unhappy over ear cleaning - ©

Unhappy over ear cleaning – ©

Good thing we learned how to do this with very minimal injury to ourselves or the ear gunk collector and relatively quickly, too. Sorry, sweetie. It’s you, us, ear cleaning fluid, and some cotton balls later today. How fun!

02/27/2017 – Black & White Monday

Ginger girls a.k.a. Ginger Princesses. Who can figure them out? Demanding, insistent, stubborn, and yet adorable, very, very loving, and everything in between black and white. Except today.

Zuzu in black and white - ©

Zuzu in black and white – ©

Pia in black and white - ©

Pia in black and white – ©

Sunny in black and white - ©

Sunny in black and white – ©

Miss Newton in black and white - ©

Miss Newton in black and white – ©

And then, because they’re very opinionated too, the girls decided they all needed color, that black and white should naturally want a hint of color for compliment. Okay, fine. Here’s your hints of color, girls.

Zuzu's hint of color - ©

Zuzu’s hint of color – ©

Pia's hint of color - ©

Pia’s hint of color – ©

Sunny's hint of color - ©

Sunny’s hint of color – ©

Miss Newton's hint of color - ©

Miss Newton’s hint of color – ©