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05/01/2017 – Multi Ginger Monday

Welcome to the month of May! If you live in a city very close to our town, welcome to Riot in Downtown Day. Grrr….

Moving along, someone elsewhere was telling someone else how rare ginger girls are, going on and on how only so many are born and how even more rare it was to find one to adopt. Mom’s not one to let such incorrect information pass by without saying something. She sees ginger girls all the time in shelters who need forever homes, and her respect level automatically goes up many more notches for those who adopt, permanently adopt that is, a ginger girl. They can be stubborn, difficult, very opinionated, and from time-to-time, downright cranky.

They can also be extremely loving and exceptionally loyal.

Mom posted a photo collage of our four ginger girls to that someone elsewhere and opened a can of worms at the same time. Our Mom…. can’t let things be, can’t keep her lips zipped.

Our ginger girls - ©

Our ginger girls – ©

04/24/2017 – MultiCat Monday

Tessa with Sunny and Miss Newton - ©

Tessa with Sunny and Miss Newton – ©

Now that Spring is here, the sunlight coming into the master bedroom turns everything and everyone very bright.

Tessa, Sunny, and Miss Newton - ©

Tessa, Sunny, and Miss Newton – ©

All except Tessa, who prefers half bright, half not-so-bright.

Tessa - ©

Tessa – ©

That’s because, like my fur colors, I prefer being half a good girl and half a ba-a-a-a-d girl. MOL!

Tessa's idea of decorating - ©

Tessa’s idea of decorating – ©

Tessa is still ripping up the tablecloths we drape over the antique buffet that we’ve had in the exact same spot for fourteen years. Nothing we put up there to anchor the tablecloth is safe – lamps, silver trays, bulky candleholders, books. If the buffet wasn’t bought specifically to fill an extra long wall space, and we had room elsewhere, we’d think maybe she thought the room needed a change. Not going to happen. And every time she tears up the tablecloth, she gets a time-out in the big bedroom. We know Mom’s not going to crack first on this subject!

Hey! Just for fun, here’s an online jigsaw puzzle of Tessa’s decorating, courtesy of because who doesn’t want to put together a puzzle of a mess?

04/14/2017 – Friday Fun

I am NOT Olivia Riding Hood - ©

I am NOT Olivia Riding Hood – ©

Mom’s calling me names!

I am NOT Miss StripeyHead Newton - ©

I am NOT Miss StripeyHead Newton – ©

Me too!

I am NOT FuzzyHead Viola - ©

I am NOT FuzzyHead Viola – ©


I am NOT NoEars Zuzu - ©

I am NOT NoEars Zuzu – ©


MOL! - ©

MOL! – ©