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10/25/2017 – Watchful Wednesday and an Update

Waiting for baby birds? - ©

Waiting for baby birds? – ©

Every time Mom gets this pillow out, Dad mentions how much he loves the bird nest on it. Now, I might be an indoor girl, but I’m bright enough to know what comes out of bird nests – baby birds!

Don’t mind me today. I’ll just sit here and wait for those baby birds to come a’tweeting.

Anytime, now…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We’ve been asked how everyone is handling the loss of mama Zuzu, who was needed at the Bridge one month ago today. We told everyone right after we arrived home, that very day, and shared her final moments again over the course of several days to make sure all the cats understood (to the best we think they would understand anything we say).

Quint was the perfect comfort cat, doling out kisses and hugs, and has taken to sleeping under the covers in our bed in the early morning hours just as Zuzu used to, something he has never done before.

Bed cat Quint - ©

Bed cat Quint – ©

Tessa started acting out, perhaps sensing our anxiety, and began picking on Viola who is most definitely not one to back down. Tessa spent a full week, plus one weekend on time-out in the master bedroom where, initially, she seemed to look for Zuzu before settling into her usual nap, nap, and more nap routine.

Master Napper Tessa - ©

Master Napper Tessa – ©

Viola, who was bonded with her mama only until she turned seven or eight months old (so independent!), seemed to not want to hear of Zuzu’s passing at first. Four days later, she was extra, extra needy and wandered the house for a day wanting to look into closed closets and rooms, searching perhaps. We spent lots of time with her, told her again what had happened, and she gave us both kisses. She’s usually not a big Dad kisser. She, too, now likes to spend time under the covers in bed in the chilly, early morning hours and like her mama, really enjoys that quiet time before the day officially begins.

Morning bed cat Viola - ©

Morning bed cat Viola – ©

Sunny called and seemingly searched for Zuzu for two days before amping up her Zuzu-appointed Patrol Sergeant duties. No one gets smacked or whacked for anything but overly-hyped kitties often get the Sunny death stare and that pretty much cranks that behavior down a notch or two. Ex-Patrol Sergeant Zuzu would be so proud!

Patrol Sergeant Sunny is not amused - ©

Patrol Sergeant Sunny is not amused – ©

Self appointed patrol deputies Pia and Olivia miss guarding the top of the stairs from allowing Zuzu to pass without demanding documentation. Now, they demand it of each other and hold little conversations that we imagine go something like this:

Pia and Olivia get in your face - ©

Pia and Olivia get in your face – ©

“Oh yeah? So, where’s your passport?”
“Oh, don’t you sound all high and mighty! Where’s yours?”
“I asked you first!”
“And I demanded yours second. Therefore, you have to answer first.”
“Oh yeah?”
“Oh. Yeah.”
“Oh really?”

And then Mom says knock it off and they mumble a bit under their breaths before going off to have the same conversation elsewhere.

Miss Newton and Ruby, who probably spent the most amount of time with Zuzu in the master bedroom, have both taken her passing in stride. Ruby seems a bit more adventurous on those rare occasions when she thinks she wants to wander out of the bedroom to look at other things, but then again, Ruby has always done that during the autumn months. Miss Newton still likes napping during the day and starts howling for Dad-time mid-afternoon. No change there.

Mom no longer “sees” Zuzu around the edges of shadows like she did for the first week but we know Zuzu is watching over us.

Thank you again for all your gentle words and gestures of kindness and comfort during this past month. We are so much stronger because of you.

Angel Zuzu in the shadows - ©

Angel Zuzu in the shadows – ©

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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10/23/2017 – MultiCat Monday

If you ever wondered what kind of punishment is doled out over infractions and rambunctiousness, we hear the Patrol Sergeant Stare Down is enough to stop most shenanigans in its tracks.

Patrol Sergeant Sunny on duty - ©

Patrol Sergeant Sunny on duty – ©

Meanwhile, on the other end…

Quint, ever curious - ©

Quint, ever curious – ©

… Quint is not being helpful at all.

These two girls know how to stay out of trouble, that being how to stakeout a perfectly-sized sunpuddle just big for themselves.

Pia and her BFF Miss Newton - ©

Pia and her BFF Miss Newton – ©

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10/20/2017 – Celebrating TockTober and Friday Bloopers

Finally, it's Tocktober!

Finally, it’s Tocktober!

Important stuff first: Today, we’re celebrating TockTober and Angel Derby’s birthday.

Any and all reasons to show off her 'tocks - ©

Any and all reasons to show off her ‘tocks – ©

Miss Newton, who never needs a reason to flash her ‘tocks, shows us what she’s got.

Happy Birthday, sweet angel!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

On to the Friday Bloopers:

Fuzzy trouble - ©

Fuzzy trouble – ©

We’re not sure if Viola and Miss Newton were moving extra fast or if Mom was extra slow at photo taking (the cats believe it was both) but we’re pretty sure you can make out what happened.

Fuzzy trouble in more trouble - ©

Fuzzy trouble in more trouble – ©

Viola takes her afternoon nap in the her box, every afternoon, and we’re pretty sure Miss Newton knows this, yet still insisted on flicking her tail in and out of Viola’s box. What’s The Squirt supposed to do? Let that go on?

Fuzzy fight - ©

Fuzzy fight – ©

Fuzzy resolution - ©

Fuzzy resolution – ©

Well, we guess THAT’S settled… until tomorrow afternoon, that is!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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