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01/02/2017 – Our Year in Review – Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

Tessa's not sure where the year went - ©

Tessa’s not sure where the year went – ©

Where’d 2016 go? It was just here a day ago… Happy 2017! From everyone here at Colehaus Cats, we thank you for visiting us, for reading our words, enjoying our photos, and leaving comments. We hope what we’re doing works for you and that your visit here puts a smile on your face. Please join us today for our 2016 Year in Review!

MadCat Miss Newton – ©

January 2016 began with the first habitation of two Feralvilla feral shelters and a feeding station just in time for a rare snow day, with evidence of all our overnight visitors. The month evolved (devolved?) into picky cats and mad cats. There were claims of ownership, morning snuggles, and a certain Patrol Sergeant showing off her kitten cam video habit.

Love Itty (now Sunny) - ©

Love Itty (now Sunny) – ©

February rolled in with an infestation of counter seals from which Mom ran from the house to go meet an adorable blog friend in town for an important show. Quint, tired from all the winter rain, created late winter art, Pia sent Valentine kisses to her boyfriend Dexter, someone didn’t like being called the baby (and still doesn’t), and someone else nicknamed Ms. GrowlyPants temporarily moved in for some fostering.

Beautiful Frame from our friend Joan - ©

Beautiful Frame from our friend Joan – ©

Sweet Viola kisses ushered in March to help temper all the vet checkups and nasty ear infection medication foster Miss Itty required daily. Our friend Joan sent us a beautiful frame which quickly became the focal point of our living room and houses the first piece of Quint’s art we purchased and framed for ourselves. Spring finally arrived and with it, the first visit of the year with the visitors around Colehaus. We learned a number of things about Miss Itty, including her love of catnip, and making a friend in Zuzu with a shared dislike of all loud shenanigans. Must be a ginger girl thing.

Quint adds purple - ©

Quint adds purple – ©

April started with grumpy cats as is the norm around here on April Fool’s Day. A couple of Friday Flashbacks returned smiles to our faces. We posted about a mama’s right, excuses on a Monday, and finally, Quint took his first spring walk in his garden, after which, he created his top-selling art series ever, Full Spring.

Ruby and friend Squeakers - ©

Ruby and friend Squeakers – ©

Quint relished a second stroll in his blooming garden in May and we gave a nod to Squeakers, the highest ranking toy amongst all toys at Colehaus. We got silly with foster Miss Itty and Olivia found herself the highlight of two blog posts in a single week! There were MultiCat Mondays, furniture clearly made for one particular cat, and more visitors to Colehaus.

Zuzu - ©

Zuzu – ©

June brought dental checkups and some extractions so we dedicated the rest of the month to pure fun. There were toys, Three Word Wednesdays, more toys, and trust from foster Miss Itty.

Baby Tessa – ©

July started with the bang of fireworks. We made a big, multi annex fort and spent the 4th of July playing with toys, listening to Mom read kitty books, hiding, and napping until the big booms were over. Foster Miss Itty showed everyone senior girls still know how to play, the typical teen Viola spent the month being bored, and we got a peek of what was to become our daily dinnertime entertainment. There was a Friday Flashback with Tessa, questions from Pia, and cat math according to Olivia.

From Pia with love - ©

From Pia with love – ©

Quint jumped into August by recreating his Summer Lilies with paint, we raised questions about the future for foster Miss Itty, and there were more yearly vet checkups to get through. Ginger Princess Pia sent her love to Ginger Prince D, and we took a summer stroll to see the visitors around Colehaus.

Olivia's magic bed - ©

Olivia’s magic bed – ©

Ducks and good news heralded in September with a pinch of mischief on the side. Foster Miss Itty because Sunny, our last Colehaus Cat, and with the help of kind donators and fans of Quint’s Sunflowers art, she was able to afford her final medical procedures plus elimination of two pesky infections and support for her ongoing Stage 3 kidney disease. THANK YOU! We took another walk around Colehaus, Mom confused us with her cat fiction, and fruit-lovin’ Olivia was instrumental in the great grape escape.

Mama Zuzu and her Niblets - ©

Mama Zuzu and her Niblets – ©

October saw a Monday tribute to Colehaus Cat mamas, a dear happy three-year birthday letter to the Niblets (with links to all past Dear Niblet letters) – one of which grew up to become the Colehaus Circus Cat, and Quint jumps at the chance to paint once again. We showed piles of kitties snuggling together and gave an update on Sunny.

Fits just right for The Squirt - 2016 ©

Fits just right for The Squirt – ©

We jumped into November with what else? A Wordless Wednesday. But later and with what we hoped was better content, we shared MultiCat photos, a rare lint panther, a Friday Flashback with Pia and Bunny, some hellos and goodbyes on our final around Colehaus tour, Quint’s winter painting, and finally, some Friday fun.

Quint eats the props - ©

Quint eats the props – ©

And lastly, December rushed in with a month of holiday cheer and happy surprises, a nod to previous Colehaus Cats, a couple of snugglebugs and Christmas card bloopers, a word or two about the Nice List and the Naughty List, and our favorite true Christmas story. Given a health A-OK, Sunny moved into the luxury suite with Ruby and there came more cards and gifts and toys than anyone here had ever seen.

There you have it, 2016 revisited. What a wonderful, fun year it was here at Colehaus. We’re looking forward to what this new year will bring and wish for you all a fabulous 2017 filled with joy, happiness, and excitement, and most of all, peace and love.

Thank you for visiting. Thank you for reading us.
The folks of Colehaus Cats

09/12/2016 – Monday’s Important Announcement

Our foster Miss Itty - 2016 ©

Our foster Miss Itty – 2016 ©

Since bringing Miss Itty into our home as a shelter foster seven months and twenty-four days ago, you have all welcomed her into the cat community. And we thank you! In comments, many of you have hinted at, wished aloud, and openly suggested that we might want to have a conversation or two (or twelve) about the possibility of making her an official Colehaus Cat.

Well, another addition would top us out, once more, at our absolute limit of nine cats. There would be no room for a stray kitten here or there, an injured feral, or any hard-luck cases.

And then, there’s Miss Itty’s health issues, senior age, and vet expenses to worry about. Midway through last week we learned her urinalysis and blood work shows Stage 3 kidney disease. Poor girl.

On the other hand, nine has always been our lucky number…

Miss Itty - 2016 ©

Miss Itty – 2016 ©

Over the weekend, our foster Miss Itty needed to go to the vet after a painful UTI made itself known. Because she’s “difficult” during exams, we have to medicate her three hours beforehand, making things more interesting. The good thing is she doesn’t have bladder or kidney stones, which we feared, and that were completely ruled out via X-Rays.

The bad thing is she has ecoli cells mixed in with her UTI and those can be very resistant to generalized antibiotics, such as Clavamox. A culture is being sent to a lab to determine which strain of ecoli is present and which antibiotic will effectively wipe the infection out.

In the meantime, she has the entire Cat Den at her disposal. There she enjoys quiet late morning snoozing followed by breakfast in bed, full room cleanings, fresh linen service twice daily (more as needed), lazy afternoon naps in muted sunshiny sun puddles, and special 5-star dinners with Dad.

Our foster Miss Itty - 2016 ©

Our foster Miss Itty – 2016 ©

Back to the possibility of a Colehaus adoption: There are worries. There will be budget adjustments. There are questions. There will come answers.

1. Miss Itty is a senior cat and has been through much, both physically and emotionally. Between ear polyps, surgery, and infection after infection, she started out as a stray, and had been at the shelter for almost two years after losing her owner and home of six years.

2. She’d had a very short fostering break with another family, but due to unfortunate circumstances, she couldn’t stay and she was taken back to the shelter.

3. She still requires once per week ear cleanings.

4. She has a non-cancerous fluid-filled cyst on her back that bothers her a little from time-to-time, and as with most cats, she could use dental work.

5. Miss Itty is a cranky cat. Not all the time, not even half the time, but flash a pill bottle or syringe or the bottle of ear cleaning fluid and well, she’s not inclined to be cooperative. At all.

6. As a senior cat, we suspected she might have or would have age-related health problems other than those endless ear infections that required countless rounds of one ear medication after another. And she didn’t have much vital medical information about her to throw hints at what might come. No blood work, no kidney values, no allergy information, nothing for anyone to go on. Everything would need to be started from scratch.

Our foster Miss Itty - 2016 ©

Our foster Miss Itty – 2016 ©

We’ve talked at length with our favorite vets about Miss Itty and her age, and steps forward regarding Stage 3 kidney disease, and we’ll continue that conversation once her UTI clears up.

Nevertheless, we’ve seen her personality emerge from a frightened, angry cat who seemed to accept she belonged nowhere to one who engages us and purrs more often than not. We’ve seen her stress level drop significantly. We’ve seen her interact and play with other cats, Miss Newton and Olivia, most notably, and a time or two with Quint and Viola.

And we’ve grown terribly fond of her. The thought of her not having a forever home, with all she has going on, pains us. When she needs stability and comfort the most, she had no real home… until now.

Please re-welcome this dear cat, our former foster Miss Itty, whom, with her approval, we have renamed Sunny. To remain here where she’s safe and warm, watched over and cared for, and with a full, happy belly, may she always feel love. You’re an official Colehaus Cat now, Sunny! Welcome!

Sunny, formerly Miss Itty, with her Dad - 2016 ©

Sunny, formerly Miss Itty, with her Dad – 2016 ©

09/02/2016 – Foster Friday with Miss Itty

Miss Itty and her ducks - 2016 ©

Miss Itty and her ducks – 2016 ©

Getting all her ducks in a row.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

To get her paperwork in order, Miss Itty went for blood work last weekend. Results were mixed and inconclusive. Today, we’re taking her urine in for testing, and then, sometime next week, we hope, all her paperwork will be complete.

Traveling along with Miss Itty’s pee – to keep it company, you know, floofy Pia will, undoubtedly, teach it the songs of her people as she goes in for her yearly checkup. And a pantaloon trim.

Floofy Pia spies a speck - 2016 ©

Floofy Pia spies a speck – 2016 ©