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With Heavy Hearts, Cameron Goes.

Never at a loss for words, Cameron speaks. Never Forgotten. 2012 © Colehaus Cats.

It is with heavy hearts that we report Cameron (the Wild Boy, F-O-X, Stretchy Toes, and Very Best Friend to Zooot) passed away Saturday afternoon of congestive heart failure and we suspect more than just a little bit of a broken heart after the passing of the love of his life, Zooot, at the end of this past April.

Cameron and Zooot were like the old married couple who fell in love with each other at first sight, rarely argued, never went to bed angry, lived to make the other happy, and passed within a relatively short period of one another. Cameron had a difficult time with Zooot’s passing and had been pacing and calling every day since. With the light of his life gone, so too was his will to go on long without her.

We know he is comfortable now, is no longer grieving, and together with Zooot and all who have gone on before him. Thank you, Cameron, for your patience with us, being you were a feral kitten taken from a feral mom, and brought into our lives that was anything but the wild blackberry bushes you grew and played among. Peace be with you, little F-O-X. Until we meet again, we’ll never forget you.

The old married couple - Cameron and Zooot. Together Forever. 2012 © Colehaus Cats.

Never forget, I’m THE Cat!

Don't forget, I'm THE Cat! © Colehaus Cats.

Cameron’s feeling better these early summer days. He doesn’t cry for his BKF Zooot as much as he used to and is taking to wearing the mantle of King of Colehaus handsomely.

As a public service announcement, he’s like to remind everyone that he is indeed Head Cat and to mind your P’s and Q’s in his presence. Treats will be expected on a regular basis as is clean bedding and daily brushings. Oh, and someone explain all this to that little gray kitten. She doesn’t seem to get it.

Gee, Cameron doesn’t want much, does he?

Colehaus Color Cats.

Cameron loves Red. © Colehaus Cats.

Not one to let the orange cats get all the color attention, Cameron action-poses with his favorite color, Purrrrfect Red.