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12/23/2016 – Eve of the Eve

Merry Eve of Christmas Eve!

Patrol Sergeant Zuzu inspects our mini lights for compliance - ©

Patrol Sergeant Zuzu inspects our mini lights for compliance – ©

Once again, we’re sending endless kisses and thanks to everyone who sent us cards for our mantel, including these extra cards that we got yesterday from All the Kitties Blue and something special from CK – a small tuft of CK fur! SQUEEEEeeeeEEEEE!

Kisses and thank yous to Boomer, Dai$y, and Toona from de land oh Trout, Sasha, Grady Lewis & Joan, Jeanne, the cats and all the foster kittens from Random Felines, Pam, Hemmingway & Steinbeck, Flynn, Jackie & Ivor, Leo, Cashmere, Glitter & Andrea, Savvy, TKS, Mom L and Dad P, Peaches & Paprika and their assistant Carol, Annabelle, Boo, Ping, Jinx & Mom Debra, Melissa and Mudpie, Cheri, Dan and the Cats of Wildcat Woods, Hannah, Lucy & Mum Sue, Timmy, Toby, Buddy, Mr. Buttons, Miss Fitz, Einstein and Dad Pete, Luke & Trixie and all our favorite vets, Carmine, Milita, and Angel Jewel, Robyn, Fred, Stefan, and the Crooked Acres Gang, Raz, Allie, and Ellie, Wally, Ernie & Zoey, Max, Kirby, Angel and Mom Nan, Penny, Sammy, KaTwo, Prancie, Joanie, Brody, Snowball, Jinx, Tallulah, Noel, Millie, and Polar Bear, Monika, Bob, Munchkin, Obsidian, Ashlyn & Cosettee, Rachel, Dexter, Olive & Sophie, Zorro, Pixie & Claire, Chuck, My Angel, Patty O’Malley, Sweetie and Vicky, Truffle, Brulee, and Mom Paula.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now for a very special Christmas story:

We’ve posted this one before, but it’s so special to us, we had to pull it from the archives to share again this holiday because it was such a special and memorable day. Before we dive in, let us wish you all a very Merry Christmas. May this time be special and memorable to you and your families, full of happiness, joy, and the wonder of the season.

Santa's little helper - 2013-2016 @

Santa’s little helper – 2013-2016 @

Santa and his little helper - 2013-2016 @

Santa and his little helper – 2013-2016 @

(Please click image to enbiggen.)

A little rhyme runs through our heads at this time of year, every year:

We wish we may,
we wish we might,
help find homes for all this night.

And one year, we saw it happen.

Back in December of 2013, while interviewing potential Niblet forever families at our local Petco, a sweet, jolly man sat upon a chair seemingly meant for him and someone handed him a kitten, one of a very large group of kittens our area had that year.

And then, something magical happened.

That kitten found a forever home that day. And the next kitten the jolly man held did too. And the next. And so on and so on throughout the day. And the senior cats brought to the event found their forever families too. These forever families, they weren’t your average “Hey, we’re at Petco and since we’re buying dog food anyway, let’s adopt a kitten for Christmas, too” Petco shoppers but a string of very vetted families who came in, independently of one another, to see cats and kittens they had been following online through the shelter and through word of mouth, and don’t you know, every one of those cats and kittens found the best of homes that day. *happy sigh*

May we all open our hearts and homes to those who need love, not just for a day but for all of forever.

Have a magical Christmas.

09/12/2016 – Monday’s Important Announcement

Our foster Miss Itty - 2016 ©

Our foster Miss Itty – 2016 ©

Since bringing Miss Itty into our home as a shelter foster seven months and twenty-four days ago, you have all welcomed her into the cat community. And we thank you! In comments, many of you have hinted at, wished aloud, and openly suggested that we might want to have a conversation or two (or twelve) about the possibility of making her an official Colehaus Cat.

Well, another addition would top us out, once more, at our absolute limit of nine cats. There would be no room for a stray kitten here or there, an injured feral, or any hard-luck cases.

And then, there’s Miss Itty’s health issues, senior age, and vet expenses to worry about. Midway through last week we learned her urinalysis and blood work shows Stage 3 kidney disease. Poor girl.

On the other hand, nine has always been our lucky number…

Miss Itty - 2016 ©

Miss Itty – 2016 ©

Over the weekend, our foster Miss Itty needed to go to the vet after a painful UTI made itself known. Because she’s “difficult” during exams, we have to medicate her three hours beforehand, making things more interesting. The good thing is she doesn’t have bladder or kidney stones, which we feared, and that were completely ruled out via X-Rays.

The bad thing is she has ecoli cells mixed in with her UTI and those can be very resistant to generalized antibiotics, such as Clavamox. A culture is being sent to a lab to determine which strain of ecoli is present and which antibiotic will effectively wipe the infection out.

In the meantime, she has the entire Cat Den at her disposal. There she enjoys quiet late morning snoozing followed by breakfast in bed, full room cleanings, fresh linen service twice daily (more as needed), lazy afternoon naps in muted sunshiny sun puddles, and special 5-star dinners with Dad.

Our foster Miss Itty - 2016 ©

Our foster Miss Itty – 2016 ©

Back to the possibility of a Colehaus adoption: There are worries. There will be budget adjustments. There are questions. There will come answers.

1. Miss Itty is a senior cat and has been through much, both physically and emotionally. Between ear polyps, surgery, and infection after infection, she started out as a stray, and had been at the shelter for almost two years after losing her owner and home of six years.

2. She’d had a very short fostering break with another family, but due to unfortunate circumstances, she couldn’t stay and she was taken back to the shelter.

3. She still requires once per week ear cleanings.

4. She has a non-cancerous fluid-filled cyst on her back that bothers her a little from time-to-time, and as with most cats, she could use dental work.

5. Miss Itty is a cranky cat. Not all the time, not even half the time, but flash a pill bottle or syringe or the bottle of ear cleaning fluid and well, she’s not inclined to be cooperative. At all.

6. As a senior cat, we suspected she might have or would have age-related health problems other than those endless ear infections that required countless rounds of one ear medication after another. And she didn’t have much vital medical information about her to throw hints at what might come. No blood work, no kidney values, no allergy information, nothing for anyone to go on. Everything would need to be started from scratch.

Our foster Miss Itty - 2016 ©

Our foster Miss Itty – 2016 ©

We’ve talked at length with our favorite vets about Miss Itty and her age, and steps forward regarding Stage 3 kidney disease, and we’ll continue that conversation once her UTI clears up.

Nevertheless, we’ve seen her personality emerge from a frightened, angry cat who seemed to accept she belonged nowhere to one who engages us and purrs more often than not. We’ve seen her stress level drop significantly. We’ve seen her interact and play with other cats, Miss Newton and Olivia, most notably, and a time or two with Quint and Viola.

And we’ve grown terribly fond of her. The thought of her not having a forever home, with all she has going on, pains us. When she needs stability and comfort the most, she had no real home… until now.

Please re-welcome this dear cat, our former foster Miss Itty, whom, with her approval, we have renamed Sunny. To remain here where she’s safe and warm, watched over and cared for, and with a full, happy belly, may she always feel love. You’re an official Colehaus Cat now, Sunny! Welcome!

Sunny, formerly Miss Itty, with her Dad - 2016 ©

Sunny, formerly Miss Itty, with her Dad – 2016 ©

08/08/2016 – Miss Itty Monday

What? - 2016 ©

What? – 2016 ©

Miss Itty received wonderful news at her v-e-t appointment last Friday. Her ears are free of any infection, bacteria, or yeast! She is now simply a cat who produces a LOT of ear gunk and only requires once weekly ear cleanings.

She’s not fond of the cleanings, but they sure are a lot better than daily ear medication on top of weekly cleanings!

We are so happy for her! It is an incredible feeling to learn, as fosterers, everything is being done right and improvement can be measured. Her personality has really come shining through since being completely off medication these last few weeks. She’s even been seen play-chasing Miss Newton, Olivia, and Quint up and down the stairs in just the past week. Yes, Miss Itty is learning how to play well with others!

Miss Itty - 2016 ©

Miss Itty – 2016 ©

The big question now is, what’s up next for Miss Itty.

She’s still our foster for the time being and we’d hate to see her bounced back to the shelter. She did okay in the year and a half she was at the free-roam, no-kill shelter with a few dozen other cats, but everyone would love for her to find her forever home. She needs someone who understands her ears will need monitoring, and that while she is occasionally a lap cat (she laid on Mom’s lap in front of the TV for the entire four hour Rio Olympic opening ceremony), she does so on her terms alone. She will never enjoy being picked up and while petting is okay, she still isn’t keen on brushing, something Dad is terribly distraught over since he’s the Master of the Nightly Brushies.

She basically ignores other cats and chooses to find her own favorite spots to reside and nap. She doesn’t seem to need other cats for comfort or warmth, preferring humans as quiet company. She lets you know when she’s hungry or wants attention, and nothing seems to please her more than to curl up next to someone in bed to sleep, while purring, of course, where she feels safe and very loved.

Truly, Miss Itty is a perfect house cat.

Foster Miss Itty - 2016 ©

Foster Miss Itty – 2016 ©

Miss Itty has come a long way from her most pressing medical needs: ear surgery recovery and chronic ear infections. Now that those are healed, in all honesty, she does have a couple of other issues that will require eventual vet attention.

1) She has a non-cancerous fluid cyst on her back that while not bothersome to her, can be felt and is notable by a tuff of raised fur.

2) She is twelve years old and is in need of dental work. Having had two, much younger cats go in for dental work and cleanings in June, we know how expensive this can be.

and 3) She is still on a special diet and eats only Hill’s Prescription Diet z/d for Skin/Food Sensitivities. This food is easily found at PetSmart, Petco, and online at

Afternoon napping with Olivia and Miss Itty - 2016 ©

Afternoon napping with Olivia and Miss Itty – 2016 ©

The REAL question is: How does one *find the right home for a misunderstood, twelve-year old ginger girl who doesn’t show well at adoption events and who may have medical expenses and dietary demands for the rest of her life?

*Miss Itty is listed on PetFinder and is in the shelter’s website and adoption books at our local PetSmart and Petco.

P.S. Growly Tessa came through her yearly checkup with flying colors. She even got to sample cheese while she was there!