Maxx’s Cat Toy – Busy Bee.

Busy Bee. © Colehaus Cats.

Busy Bee, a.k.a. a Bear in a Bee Costume. © Colehaus Cats.

All kitties should have toys. Ours does. But Maxx has special toys. He HAS to have his special toys. He loves his toys, his very special toys.

Here’s his favorite, his Busy Bee, a.k.a. a bear in a bee costume. Maxx carries his Busy Bee throughout the house while meowing, of course, with his mouth full of Bee. Busy Bee is left on chairs, on rugs, and in front of our closed bedroom door before dawn each day. Here Busy Bee waits near the food bowl where Maxx eats and often, when we don’t get up in the morning when impatient Maxx thinks we should, Busy Bee “goes for a swim with the fishes” in his water bowl.

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