Ball of Tessa plus Bonus Cute Zone Closeup!

Ball of Tessa

Ball of Tessa. August 2012. © Colehaus Cats.

What a fireball Tess has turned out to be. Always running, jumping, climbing, discovering new things – never a moment’s rest. Here’s the perfect case in point. No, really! She’s still running, jumping and discovering….only here, it’s in her mind.

Nap tight, little sweetie. You’ve got new family to meet next week.

Ball of Tessa Closeup.

Ball of Tessa. Closeup of Extra Cute Zone. August 2012. © Colehaus Cats.

Bonus Tessa Cute Zone closeup! Honestly, how could anyone not want to snuggle into that? The hidden pink nose, the softest pink toes. Mom couldn’t resist and promptly doled out a dozen kisses.

8 responses to “Ball of Tessa plus Bonus Cute Zone Closeup!

  1. Such a cute ball of love!

  2. Tessa, you sure know how to do cute!

  3. Tessa, you are just a beautiful girl!!!
    Good luck meeting your new family!
    xo, Katie & Glogirly

    ps…we just LOVE your blog header! The egg carton photo is adorable : )

    • Thank you! It’s the daily deep tissue massages. At least, that’s what the dad calls them. The jury is still out on the new family. I think I’m going to need lots of luck and speedy paws!

      Thanks on the header pic. That Seth…can’t let anything cardboard pass him by.

  4. Cute Tessa, your new family is going to love you!