All the Excitement Around Here.

All the Excitement of Watching Ice Melt. 2012 2012 © Colehaus Cats.

Grass growing, paint drying, lint gathering, dust settling. I think of all the things I enjoy doing in my copious spare time, I rather enjoy watching ice melt. It’s like it there, and then, it’s not there. Isn’t that trippy?

Maxx keeps a keen eye on melting chunks from the ice maker.

6 responses to “All the Excitement Around Here.

  1. …and in THIS weather, you can actually see the ice melt right before your eyes!
    ; ) Katie

    • Don’t you know it! We’re not as hot as the rest of the country but we were close to 90 today inside and out! About the only things worth doing are sleeping and watching ice *grins*

  2. Maxx, most of us like to swapp ice around. It slides around real fast and easy.

  3. Maxx, have you ever tried whapping the ice cubes across the floor? If not, you should give it a go … we think it’s great fun! 🙂

    • But, but…hey! That is fun! Didya see that one go? Ma, gimme another one!

      Yep, Maxx shoots and scores. Right under the ‘fridge. The boy might be less-than-quick but clearly, he’s got some hockey in him. We’ll have to add a Canadian bent to his name now *LOL*