A Big Happy Family Again.

We were thinking of giving Mom an extra day off since she just got back from a long weekend trip where she swears she didn’t see any kitties at all… but then we thought, why would we want to do that? Hi Mom! Hi Mom! Got our blog post ready for Monday yet? *hint hint*

So Mom cheesed out by deciding to post one of the Niblets’ Bloopers photos from last week (Really Mom? Last week??)

Viola doesn't like that Russell is messing up the photo - 2013 © Colehaus Cats

Viola doesn’t like that Russell is messing up the photo – 2013 © Colehaus Cats

That rapscallion Russell Niblet. He dances to the beat of his own drum, we think… just like a future paw-some cat!

Foster Dad says that over the weekend, mama Erinn Zuzu and all the Niblets went in for their first V-E-T visit and that everyone did wonderfully. A bit of singing on the way there but beautiful silence on the way home. Everyone looks really good and all are healthy. Our favorite vet couldn’t say enough nice things about all the Niblets. Our babies are growing up!

24 responses to “A Big Happy Family Again.

  1. Hey, us oranges always do our own thing. 🙂 And we are very glad to hear the Stabby Place visit went well for everykitteh.

  2. Eles são lindos! Fico contente que eles estão saudáveis.
    Amei a foto!

  3. My they are growing fast. Love that little Marmalade Tabby Russel but I have my reasons for prefurring and Orangie. MOL

    Our little Einstein is still small but past any worry about his medical condition. We just have to burn off his energy as that boy can really play all day


  4. Oh my leave it to that pretty Viola to tell Russel to shape up! MOL

  5. Cuteness overload here 🙂

  6. SIGH. Mom is always mooning over these babies!

  7. We so agree …. cuteness overload. Glad all went well at the vets, Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. Glad everything went well at the vets – we swear Mum get’s sillier every time she sees them but we must admit they are all very cute.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. Russell is such a rebel!!! and oh so cute
    Hugs madi your bfff

  10. We are thrilled to hear everyone got A+ checkups!
    Amazing how singers quiet down on the trip back home 😉

  11. There’s one in every crowd! Glad to read the Niblets and EZZ are doing so spectacularly!

  12. da tabbies o trout towne

    bee for ewe noe it….. ewe will bee graduatin kitteh garden AND drivin yur own carz !!! 🙂 we hope yur mom rememburrred ta bring bak sum treetz toys N canned goods…mor hint hint HINT…..for everee one 🙂 !!!!!

  13. I’m glad to hear the vet visit went well!

  14. Ahhh, Russell. You’re definitely an ornj boy.


  15. One has to be different and no-one can do it as well as an orange boy. Well done Russell.
    I am glad the vet visit went well.

  16. Glad they are all doing so well and the vet visit went so well. Nice healthy kitties. They sure are cute and that ginger boy just has to be a little different. Have a good evening.

  17. I’m with Abby, I LOVE VIOLA and Robbie too!

  18. I love them all. Glad they are doing so well and that everyone looks good.

  19. What did Erinn think of you taking her Niblets away for hours? She couldn’t have been happy.

  20. The niblets are sooooo cute! What a great photo of sibling rivalry. They remind me of human children. There is always that one that is doing something goofy when you take the picture.

  21. Yay that your Mom is home and yay for a good Vet visit with all the Niblets! What a cute out-take pic!

  22. I love all the Niblets, but especially one who marches to his own tunes. Great news from the vet check, too!

  23. Super happy all niblets got a good bill of health. All kitties have their very own tune in their head. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo