12/01/2015 – Ruby Tuesday

Sneaking - 2015 © Colehauscats.com

Sneaking – 2015 © Colehauscats.com

Shhhh… I overheard a conversation the other night about presents and who would ever suspect me to be out of my room looking for any? No one! Our secret, okay?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If you’d like a Colehaus Cats Christmas e-card, feel free to click on one of the card images below or over in the far right column under E-CHRISTMAS CARDS, on Olivia or Zuzu or both if you’d prefer. Once the card window opens, right click on the image and Save Picture as… to save to your computer. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Olivia's e-Christmas Card - 2015 © Colehauscats.com

Olivia’s e-Christmas Card – 2015 © Colehauscats.com

Zuzu's e-Christmas card - 2015 © Colehauscats.com

Zuzu’s e-Christmas card – 2015 © Colehauscats.com

14 responses to “12/01/2015 – Ruby Tuesday

  1. Your secret’s safe with me, Ruby!!

  2. We’ll never tell!

    The Florida Furkids

  3. Ruby isso é muito divertido, vamos guardar o seu segredo. miauhihihihi

  4. ruby….we will be like thoze monkeez…….we see nothin…we noe nothin….we speek nothin….& thanx for de linx two yur cardz olivia & zuzu….we got em saved & reddy ta print …they bee AWESUM !!! ♥♥♥

  5. I didn’t see a thing either!

  6. Presents! How could you resist checking for that!

  7. We know you are innocent!

  8. ThNk you for the card…we clicked on the first one
    Hugs Madi your bffff and mom

  9. Ps did you receive our card via email attachment? If not we can
    Send it again

  10. I won’t tell a soul!

  11. Our lips are sealed, until we get hungry that is!


  12. I won’t tell. I will take both cards because I can’t pick just one- thank you 🙂

  13. You look very sneaky in that photo, Ruby!

  14. We hope you find them!