10/23/2017 – MultiCat Monday

If you ever wondered what kind of punishment is doled out over infractions and rambunctiousness, we hear the Patrol Sergeant Stare Down is enough to stop most shenanigans in its tracks.

Patrol Sergeant Sunny on duty - © Colehauscats.com

Patrol Sergeant Sunny on duty – © Colehauscats.com

Meanwhile, on the other end…

Quint, ever curious - © Colehauscats.com

Quint, ever curious – © Colehauscats.com

… Quint is not being helpful at all.

These two girls know how to stay out of trouble, that being how to stakeout a perfectly-sized sunpuddle just big for themselves.

Pia and her BFF Miss Newton - © Colehauscats.com

Pia and her BFF Miss Newton – © Colehauscats.com

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13 responses to “10/23/2017 – MultiCat Monday

  1. Its hard to not like a kitten who looks just like you…

  2. What fun to see all the kitties. Great pictures. Have a super day.

  3. We don’t want to upset Sunny. Such cuties 🙂

  4. Sunny has come a long way from her foster days! That hairy-eyeball is very intimidating. Quint, don’t change…your playfulness is part of your charm. Pia and Miss Newton are adorable!

  5. Sunny, please give me instructions on the stare down. I try it with Hemingway and he ignores me.
    Furry purrs……….Steinbeck

  6. I think Sunny has been taking Binga lessons.

  7. Synchronized sunpuddle sitting!!
    Hugs madi your bfff

  8. dood !!!! way ta go buddy; take noe nothin oh any kind frum any of thoz gurlz bout any thing ever !!! 🙂 ♥♥

    tuna of moon

  9. We don’t wanna cross Sgt. Sunny’s path!

  10. Oh, Quint! You always make us smile.

  11. She rules with a firm paw.

  12. They’ve DEFINITELY got the dirty look down … if looks could kill … and yet, they’re still gorgeous too!

  13. Adorable!!! Love the stare down! It’s an effective technique.