07/01/2016 – A Simple Request

Tessa - 2016 © Colehauscats.com

Tessa – 2016 © Colehauscats.com

Dear peoples living around my house,

I’m a cat. I know, I threw that surprise on you and I’m sorry about that. But as a cat, and for cats in general, we like things nice and simple – food, a warm, safe spot to nap, the occasional bout of attention. Personally, I like my attention at four in the morning and during the one p.m. timeframe. That could just be me, but it works so I’m running with it.

I know you probably hadn’t noticed in all your years, but cats don’t tend to like loud noises. Garbage trucks, chain saws, yelling neighbors, don’t even get me started on the grating sound of our closet door opening and closing when Mom gets out a PTU for a trip to you know where… Pretty much, loud sounds are right out in our book.

I want to talk about this time of year, specifically, those loud and bright boomie things you seem to be so enamored with every July 4th. And July 3rd. And July 1st. And the end of June, and pretty much every few days all the way up until September 16th or thereabouts. These things are really loud. Did you hear me? Can you hear me? That’s not ringing in your ears. That’s me, a cat who would love nothing more than to enjoy an entire summer without needing to hide under the bed every time you get the itch to blow up a bunch of paper and explosive powder from China, bought with good, hard earned money. Did you really mean to blow up your green papers? You know that’s what you’re doing, right? BOOM! Good-bye hard earned green papers. Hmmm, that sure didn’t last long.

Hiding Tessa - 2016 © Colehauscats.com

Hiding Tessa – 2016 © Colehauscats.com

I might be going out on a limb here but just imagine: A nice quiet day celebrating a national holiday with family and friends, barbequing this and that, followed by a big round of mutual pride of this country and all that was fought for, a salute, a hand over heart, hugs all around, singing ’cause singing is okay, and all accomplished without terrifying pets, small children, and other nice people who don’t like those boomies either. (Though, truth be told, my Mom’s singing would frighten just about anyone. Trust me.)

Can you see it? Can you imagine how much more love would be in the air if we cats weren’t being traumatized every 4th of July (and all those other days when you insist on celebrating something else, anything else)?

I know, I know. You’ll say lighting off fireworks is American, not doing so is un-American. I understand….

Okay, that was a downright fib. No, I don’t understand any more than I understand why those things have to be so darn loud. Couldn’t they just be really, really pretty? Do they have to scare the whiskers off us too? I don’t expect you to understand my position anymore than I understand yours. But if you want to talk about it someday (you will want to discuss this someday, right?), I’ll be under the bed with my sisters and brother and oh look! Mom is under here hiding too because she doesn’t like those boomie things either.

Think about it, okay? Just for one second?


Tessa pleads - 2016 © Colehauscats.com

Tessa pleads – 2016 © Colehauscats.com

23 responses to “07/01/2016 – A Simple Request

  1. We don’t like Bonfire Night in the UK in celebration of Guy Fawkes who was burned to death on a bonfire – don’t ask why because we weren’t alive when it happened!

  2. Dear Tessa, we could not agree with you MORE! But at least our mom hates noise too. We’re hoping the rain will cancel out the noisy boomy things here. It might.

  3. Tessa, you are so cute! Did you know that there are SILENT fireworks? Here is a linky to a Italian town that is using them: http://dogtime.com/trending/33475-town-italy-switches-silent-fireworks-reduce-anxiety-animals

  4. Tessa I agree especially after this past week of loud construction noises…
    thank goodness my mom is comforting me all the time it has helped
    Hugs madi your bfff

  5. I agree 100%–and it is even worse if you are out riding a horse. We ride in the morning to avoid it, but sometimes people still find you and shoot them close by or even throw them at you. If all the fireworks vanished from the earth–never to be seen again–we wouldn’t miss them one bit.

  6. we couldn’t agree more…..

  7. Totally agree but you are preaching to the choir. Will never happen. But…here in Michigan because we are going through an extreme dry spell, many cities are banning private use of fireworks (which we are thrilled about). The public displays will still exist (and I have no problem with that), it’s the private a-holes that won’t be allowed to do it for fear of fires taking place everywhere.

  8. We agree with you. Our people are not overfond of it, either. Our Mom is most especially unhappy with the booming. It would be lovely if they could just be pretty!

  9. I don’t get too excited by fireworks in general. If they’re loud enough to startle my human then I probably won’t like the noise, either. We hope all kitties will stay safe this Fourth.

  10. Sadie agrees with you 100%!

  11. Fireworks are American? But I thought they were invented by the Chinese!

    Seriously, I’ll never understand humans.

  12. tessa….we couldna agreez mor if ya gived uz 984 bazillion poundz of trout & said can ya due sum thin with em….

    noe lie…a few back…de food servizz gurl saw coyoteez runnin down de street coz they waz tryin ta get a way frum de noiz….


    anyway, we hope peepulz take yur werd ta heed

    heerz two a flagfin… happee… quiet 4th…. kinda week oh end two all…..see ya twooz day ♥♥♥

  13. Fogos de artifício são muito bonitos, mas também são muito muito barulhentos… os animais ficam muito estressados.

  14. I agree completely Tessa. May the Colehaus Cats and mom and dad have a quiet holiday weekend!

  15. You’re so right, Tessa! Fireworks are so stupid.

  16. Tessa, we totally agree with you. They already started around here with the big noisy boomers…even in the daytime! Sheesh.

  17. Yeah, quiet is good. It is supposed to be hot here on the weekend. That means mum is likely to keep the windows closed

    Iffn you want quiet fireworks, stop by my blog on Monday.

  18. I agree, I hate fireworks.

  19. Oh Tessa – you wise and precious girl… we love your thought process and would wish for a more quiet day of celebrating as well! Purrs from Deb and the Zee/Zoey kitties

  20. We agree with you, dear Tessa : we don’t like these boomers either. Purrs

  21. meowmeowmans

    Such a smart cat you are, Tessa. We feel exactly the same way about those boomies.

  22. Oh Tessa, I wish that you had a quiet 4th, but somehow I doubt that happened. Those boomers make quite the racket!