06/27/2016 – One Step Forward…

Miss Itty and Quint, together! - 2016 © Colehauscats.com

Miss Itty and Quint, together! – 2016 © Colehauscats.com

One step forward…

Miss Itty sharing a blanket on one of the comfy chairs with Quint. Briefly shared. Too briefly. But you gotta start somewhere, right?

Miss Itty and Pia, not so much together - 2016 © Colehauscats.com

Miss Itty and Pia, not so much together – 2016 © Colehauscats.com

One step back…

You’d think with all the ginger girls we have under this roof, one or two of them would get along. They ARE the majority, after all. Pia was having none of it. You gotta start somewhere, right??

22 responses to “06/27/2016 – One Step Forward…

  1. That’s a kind of dance, right ? Purrs

  2. With all the sleeping and laying around that cats do, you’d think they’d be too mellow to want to hiss at each other…am I right?

  3. Mum says she wishes she could sleep as much as you do!

  4. Oh Quint, you are a gentle man cat. 🙂

  5. For sure itty bitty kitty steps!
    Hugs Madi your bffff

  6. Fico contente que Itty está dando um passo a frente, isso é muito bom!
    Com certeza Quint é um gatinho especial.

  7. Joan Ryan (KitKat)

    Quint just seems so laid back. Must be that artistic disposition.

  8. I get the feeling that two ginger girls being pals is kind of like two torties or calicos being pals – it happens sometimes, but when it doesn’t, expect some fireworks!

  9. Kitties never do what you expect. They like to surprise you!

  10. Oh dear, my dear sweet ‘lil bean… please show your foster sisfur some of the gentle kindness and big heart that I know you have, I know it can be difficult sometimes, (Tipp and I have to have a whap at each other now and then) but be the better kitty and show her some loving kindness… all my love, your D.

  11. What a couple of independent cats. I like seeing them being independent. Makes for an unhappy house at times but they sure get over their hissy fits fast. Wish peeps were the same.


  12. We aren’t really surprised… oranges are wonderful but we do like to be the center of it all. Hard to do when there are so many centers in one house.

  13. miss itty….well ya TRIED….thatz de mane thing…rite…. 🙂 rite….. next time purrhaps ….it will bee 5 stepz forwerd & noe stepz bak !! ♥♥♥

  14. Pia does not look like a fan at all. What a shame, they could be bookends!

  15. We have the ginger issues at my house, too. We three boys are ALWAYS doin’ stuff to one another. Mason, our sister, who is actually lighter than ginger but sometimes, depending upon the light, looks the same, keeps us all in line. MOUSES!


  16. Do you use the Feliway plug-ins. I am not a fan of plug-ins for fear of fire, but they don’t seem to get to hot and they keep the nastiness to a minimum in our big family.

    • We do occasionally use the Feliway plug-ins as an actual plug-in (they get very, very hot here), but more often, we don’t plug them in and let the bottle sit where groups of cats seem to gather. That works well for us!

  17. Well, it’s a start with Quint. Maybe that will rub off on the others. 🙂

  18. That’s how they share their love for each other. Just like when I whap my brofur Buster, I’m telling him that I love him (hehehe) ~ Emma