05/22/2017 – Happy Victoria Day with Pia

Pretty Pia's smile - © Colehauscats.com

Pretty Pia’s smile – © Colehauscats.com

Happy Victoria Day to our friends to the north in Canada, a mere 275 miles away! Why we don’t visit beautiful Canada more often is a mystery but there it is nonetheless. We’ve chosen Pia to help celebrate the day because of all the Colehaus Cats, we believe she’s the one born and fostered in the closest proximity to Canada, so why not?

The day is celebrated with parades and ceremonies and it is said today is the official start to the summer social season in Canada and when gardeners can safely plant without fear of frost.

Sleepy, Poofy Pia - © Colehauscats.com

Sleepy, Poofy Pia – © Colehauscats.com

Whew! All this celebrating must be exhausting for this ginger girl who’s settling into her poofy tail for what surely is just the first of many naps. Have a great day!

26 responses to “05/22/2017 – Happy Victoria Day with Pia

  1. We hope you have a lovely day Pia and get lots of treats and cuddles. Oops we’ve just realised that you were waiting for a nap – hope it’s a great one!

  2. Pia, you are luxurious and lovely! We used to visit Canada a lot, but with the border crossing changes, we just haven’t thought about it. We used to visit Windsor (across from Detroit) and environs at least once a year. In addition, we would cut across Ontario while going to visit relatives that live near Niagara Falls; the 401 is faster than going around under Lake Erie.

  3. Happy Victoria day to all of you and Pia, you sure look comfy. Have a really good day.

  4. Oh I didn’t know it is Victoria Day! Thanks for the info and history!

  5. Happy Victoria Day to all our Canadian Furiends too
    Hugs madi and mom

  6. What a lovely way to celebrate.

  7. Katie Isabella

    Pia, you make smiles with YOUR smile.

  8. Hello,
    I am happy because I found you. Sometime ago you left a comment on my blog. At that time I tried to find you by following the link “attached” to you name. But the link leads to a blogger profile with no link to your blog.
    Pia you are pretty.

  9. We agree, let us all cellybrate!

  10. Definitely a day to celebrate! Although I have no idea about what this “frost” thing is. My human says, trust me, it’s there, and Canada has it – I just managed to miss it the times I’ve been there so far!

  11. waves two ewe gorgeouz…..hope everee onez havin an awesum day N we hope frost haz settled in fora long nap round heer two….we gotta kinda wunder heer late lee ~~ ♥♥ ☺☺

  12. Pia what a gorgeous gal you are.

    Emma and Buster

  13. Happiest Victoria day my lil bean. I’ve been thinking about you with all the lovely purple violets and lilacs blooming here. Sweetly scented purple dreams, little one! Your D.

    • My sweet Prince, the violets here are beautiful and make me think of you. Whispering kisses in the wind to find their way to you. Your lil’ bean.

  14. We love any reason to celebrate! Happy Victoria Day to our Canadian friends!

  15. Happy Victoria Day! We can see Canada from our island…and if we could swim, we could probably swim there though we’d have to watch out for freighters…so we consider ourselves honorary Canadians.

  16. Great job beautiful Pia! Happy Victoria Day to our pals up yonder!

  17. Pia, we can tell how exhausting all that celebrating with our northern friends was! But we’re with you – celebrate what you can … when you can!

  18. seriously Pia, that is one might fine floofy tail for some nappin’

  19. 15andmeowing

    Happy Victoria Day!

  20. Happy Victoria Day adorable Pia!!

  21. meowmeowmans

    That’s a great reason to celebrate, Pia! But celebrating is totally exhausting, we know. 🙂

    Happy Victoria Day to all of our Canadian pals!

  22. Pia, você é muito bonita!
    Foi uma ótima escolha.

  23. At the BlogPaws Conference, I got into several conversations about ginger girls and I told everyone about your ample supply of perfection 😉 Pia’s a beauty … in the sidebar image she looks like her eyes are yellow – but in the post, they are almost green – probably just the light.

  24. That is very neighborly. We add our belated Victoria Day Wishes… Um, are there treats involved?

  25. Nice to learn about Victoria Day from such a beautiful lady cat.