04/13/2015 – MamaCat Monday

Zuzu - 2015 © Colehauscats.com

Zuzu – 2015 © Colehauscats.com

Our mama cat Zuzu has been working extra hard to ease up on those Ginger Patrol Sergeant (GPS) commands and ticketing raids that had everyone jumping just a couple of months ago. A few weeks ago, she insisted she be allowed into our bedroom for some quality sleep time and she’s been spending most of her days and nights in there ever since. Though Tessa spends most of her time in there too, we’re happy to report not a single disagreement or fight has occurred to date. Better still, Tessa doesn’t have a problem with Zuzu either! Amazing!

Zuzu fits in perfectly with Tessa and Ruby and doesn’t seem to miss life out in the rest of the house. She naps, watches Bird and Squirrel TV from the big window, enjoys sunpuddles streaming through the skylights in the early afternoon, and night-long snuggles with the big fleece blanket.

Zuzu with her Fleece - 2015 © Colehauscats.com

Zuzu with her Fleece – 2015 © Colehauscats.com

Basically, Zuzu has turned into a loving, snuggle bug. Who knew?

24 responses to “04/13/2015 – MamaCat Monday

  1. There must be something magical about that bedroom!

  2. Oh Zuzu, good for you. Bet it is nice in that bedroom. About three of us hang out in the bedroom too. You all have a great day.

  3. We love that you go and sleep in your Mom’s bedroom nearly all the time Zuzu – bed you get great scritches.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx


  5. Oh we knew! We love Zuzu…and we’re glad she’s found her place in the household.

  6. Zuzu, what takes these humans so long to get it?

  7. Cat time and human time just aren’t the same, but lovin’ is good now or later!

  8. We’re glad you found your favorite spot, Zuzu! Catnapping in my favorite spot always makes the day go better 🙂

  9. pawsome news,xx Speedy

  10. That is sweet- I am glad Zuzu is happy.

  11. We have a favourite spot too and nothing better than taking nap there. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  12. She just needed to find that refuge!

  13. Findin your favorite spot to nap sure are important.

  14. zuzu !!! YAY !!!! we bee WAY total lee happee for ewe ya haza finded …yur spot….we noe tessa & ruby iz happee ta haz ewe aza room mate….ewe gurls can talk gurl stuff like gurls due what ever gurlz stuff iz …which we think doez knot purrtain ta quint….

    meowloz quint dood ~~~~~~ waves 🙂 ♥♥♥

  15. Wow, that is one way to throw a curve ball Miss Zuzu. We are so happy.

    My Buster has turned into a sweet little cuddle bug to when we got a bit older. No matter how much Emma whaps him, he insists on sleeping next to me. Emma of course only sleeps in between my legs.

    Emma and Buster

  16. Like our mom says… who da thunk it? Glad to hear there’s some zen going on in your home! ( Wow, maybe Olivia will have to find a new job if everything is so peaceful…)

  17. You are a very pretty Snugglebug!

  18. She looks like an adorable snuggle bug! Maybe she just needed the right cuddly motivation to ease up on her patrols.

  19. Zuzu just needed the right environment… on her own terms!

  20. Great news about Zuzu. She has found her place

  21. Rumblemum would LOVE a Zuzu cuddle!!

  22. Let’s snuggle Zuzu!